December 09, 2012

Christmas gift guide: Pandora

I am hinting to my Mr. for a Christmas gift already, have you done the same? Heehee..

and this Christmas, I am hinting on Pandora bracelet!

Since that day, where I attended the Pandora re-launched party, I was thinking to have one for myself.
I am a kind of this charm bracelet person. And I believe in collecting every charm to represent my story and to be pass on to my daughter or grand daughter in the future.

And nothing could be more perfect than PANDORA charm bracelet :)
Known for their amazing design and good quality.
~ this is to be pass on for next generation, remember? so a top notch quality is a must ~

 For this Christmas, Pandora bringing back the Christmas collection in fairy tale theme.
Something that always remained as a joyful and whimsical part of all ladies’ memories. When Christmas approaches, these memories will surface in our mind, bringing a smile to our face and lifting our mood up for the arrival of this magical moment. It consists of cute charms like the Gingerbread Man dangling charm, Fairy Angel charm, as well as a Christmas Stocking charm that is filled with presents. Cute.

But my choice for this Christmas Pandora collection will be:


This one :)

A classic, timeless Pave collection with a touch of leather-ish bracelet.

Each abstract pave with cubic zirconia (S$124 each).

Check out PANDORA website for more selection on your christmas gift ideas to your loved one :)


  1. Omaigaaaaat!!! Sama banget dah!!! Gw juga lagi nge-hinting pandora. Tiap liat iklan atau liat orang yg pake, gw bilang gw sukaaaaa sama gelang itu, hihihihihi^^ Tos dulu dooonngg....


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