December 02, 2012

Hi From Bali!

Today is our..
- 3rd day in Bali.
- 2nd day on certified diver course.

Tomorrow we will be..
- going down to open sea.
- doing 3 dives.
- tired as hell.

My excitement as of today:
- Looking forward to meet Aquatic creatures.
- Breathing under water for 3 hours
- Start get a hang of my bouyency

My fear for tomorrow:
- Going down to the sea as deep as 18m
- Get panic attack under water
- Cramp under water

Apart from that: All good.

Food tasted so far:
- Nasi Pede Ibu Andika ( Spicy mixed rice)
- Babi guling ( Balinese roasted pork on rice)
- Bakso! ( Local meatball)
- Nasi emperan jalan ( Side street mixed rice)

Mood so far: Awesome!
Stress so far: minimum!
$$ so far: not bad!

Shopping so far:
- 1 sunnies
- 4 earings & 1 necklace
- 1 short

Wish us (especially me) for tomorrow on site dive day!

Sharing little photos here!


  1. So cool Elrica, have a safe and wonderful diving trip! Take lots of pictures to show us k? I'm going to Bali next week! How is the weather there?

    1. Weather is cold and rainy..bring umbrella babe! u gonna need it.

  2. Replies
    1. Hallo there..i am officially a certified diver ^^

  3. Duh, dari dulu pengen belajar diving tp masih maju mundur. Way to go, girl! Have fun, dikau pasti bisa!!

  4. wawwww... seru banget pasti tuh nyelem dalem gitu.. bawa kamera ga kebawah buat poto-poto?

  5. Wooww... Diving!!! Sesuatu yang dari dulu gw pengeeeennn bgt, tapi belom kesampean (karena masih ga berani sama ga ada duitnya juga sih). Have fun el!!

    1. Apparently ga mahal kalo di Bali di..sungguh terjangkau..^^

  6. sama dengan Elisa, dari dulu mau diving tp maju mundur sampe akhirnya keburu hamil....have fun El, you're gonna love it down there :)

    1. I am already in Love. OMG..the experience is speechless.
      Dan iyah, gw tuh buru2 pengen nyemplung ke laut karena ini uda rencana tekdung-an..hahaha

  7. have fun el! gua ga berani deh kayaknya diving2an... naik banana boat diceburin aja gelegepan hahaha...

    1.'s not as scary as i tot it would be si Des..^^

  8. elricaaaa
    tambah cakep ajahhh
    semoga happy happy diving....

  9. hi cc elrica :) nice to meet u :)
    I'm your followers from Bali!
    If u want to go to Bali, try another side like Bedugul! It have really beautiful mountain and fresh air! U can read it in my short trip ^^


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