December 10, 2012

Pirre Multiple Orgasm - NARS

I think by now, everybody already know that NARS has finally landed their gorgeous collection in Singapore!
It's at Tangs Orchard to be exact.

I was really honoured to be invited to attend the cocktail event and meet lotsa beautiful people at the party.

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And the best of all, I met Mr, Francois NARS himself.
The fabulous man behind the awesome brand.
*Thank u Mr. Nars for creating such a beautiful colours for us*

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And I was also invited for NARS priority shopping at Tangs Orchard.
I was literally rushed from office (at lunch time) and leave a note on my table
 " Shopping for Nars, be back in 1 hr "
~ Well of course, I doubt anyone in office know what NARS is,
because they all are guys that doesn't love make up. ~
Anyway..20% off for media discount on that day.

I did my hell of shopping. >.<'

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One of my TOP purchase is Multiple stick.
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I bought one in LUXOR.
Love the sheer glow that enhance my cheekbone, nose bridge and my browbone.
I recommend this for daily highlight on the face.

It's easy to use, creamy texture but turn powder the moment it hits the skin.
Weird. Cool. Easy to blend.

You see the sheer glow on my face?
Lens by Dreamie Chuppa

Next purchase to show is:
No other than the Famous NARS ORGASM blush.

I think i understand why everybody in almost all the part of the world, no matter what skin tone they are..loving this Orgasm blush so much! 

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It's because it is simply pretty, a mixed of Pinkish and coral with a perfect percentage of the sheer shimmer, gives me (and probably you) a healthy glowing cheek.
All day long.

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I love to apply this Orgasm blush on top of my LUXOR multiple.
It double up the stay power on my face.

Lens by Dreamie Chuppa

The last top purchase I would like to share is the NARS Pirre lip gloss.
I love the colour on my lips. Dewy texture, can be build up and the gloss does stay even after meal.

On this entry, I combine my pink lipstick by Revlon and top coat it with NARS Pirre lipgloss.
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Actually, if you are just looking for a healthy lippy colour, Nars Pirre lip gloss alone could do the trick.
Just simply apply the first coat and layer it up the second time for a stronger colour.

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But because I am looking for a Barbie pink kind of liptick, I have to combine the both.

I was wondering is there any of the lovely ladies out there has tried some other NARS products?
I would love to hear a recommendation for my next purchase.

Besides from these 3 magic stuff, I own NARS skin care and NARS Tribal lip gloss from the press kit.
So anything aside from this, please throw me some recommendation! :)


  1. ci.. pink lipstik revlon nya shade apa yak? cantik banget!! mauuuuu

  2. maybe you need to buy LAGUNA bronzer :D

  3. cantik El ! btw itu lipstick Revlon no brp El ? i luv that color
    kl g pny NARS cmn eyeshadownya doank , multiple stick buat apa El ? highlight ?

  4. uuu ur so pretty ^^ its really match on ur skin, thanks for share about this sist :)

  5. Oh yea i love the blush orgasm. Looks awesome. I don't really have much of nars products, just the blush and a few eyeshadows so i can't recommend a whole lot but i sure do love orgasm bluh and it looks really good on you.

  6. flawesss banget c >,<
    jujur yah, sering bgd mampir d blog cici, silent reader..wkwwkwk
    gemessss!! hihihi

  7. ya ampun cantik banget. kulitnya kok bisa gitu >_< cantik!

    visit my blog ^^

  8. El, i want the multiple stick!! i'm torn between luxor and copacabana :)


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