December 11, 2012

Christmas gift guide: Vanity Trove

Back to the Christmas gift guide edition!
Still just in case you have not hinting someone for a Christmas present or maybe someone already hinting to you for a Christmas gift and you have yet to decide what to give, I would like to share a little gift guide for you..and this time it's from my lovely sponsors 

I have been working with Vanity Trove since 6 months back, and they still never failed to surprise me.
So why don't you take this chance, in this Christmas season of giving time, to surprise your loved one with a beautiful box of surprises.

My pick for Vanity Trove Christmas Giftsets will be:


Isn't pretty?? *Hint-hint*

And if you don't fancy make up or a bubble bath ritual like I do..
There are few other selections for you to choose HERE.

I believe Vanity trove has special something for you all.

Happy giving!

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