December 15, 2012

Hi from Taichung!

Taiwan trip been so great with lotsa amazin' people. This is the trip that I expected to be very boring..but it turn out to be one of the trip of the year!

Fully sponsored, and full of fun! I can't ask for a better company trip than this one. Thank you Mr.Boss!

All this while, until the trip, i always feel that i don't have much connection with the other team in other cities, but i was wrong. Food, fun, happiness really put us all like a family. A feeling that i never feel in a long time from working place. I am truly enjoying this moment. Grateful.

Sharing up some photos and many more fun stories and photo coming up..Soon.


  1. wah asiknya company trip nya ke taiwan... :)

  2. asiknya jalan2 :D
    kok ada foto cemongan? maksudnya apa itu el?

  3. Fully sponsored, Yay!!Sponsornya bukan produk yang lagi dipegang kan hehe..


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