November 30, 2012

OOMA.SG for me, you and all the ladies out there :)

Hi, I am Pinkbuble.
Size: UK: 10
And I am wearing OOMA.SG collection.


Is there any ladies in sizes out there??? 
love shopping online but always disappointed because what you see is not what you get? 
just simply adore beautiful clothes (like I do)?

Read on..

If you are like me, bigger than S size, often disappointed if you go shopping dresses online and most of the time received something that is different from what you see in your computer screen, but in the same time, totally love to see and wear something beautiful? and because of this three combination, you have spent don't know how much money in trial and discovering a good online shop..I know, it's a TOTAL bleh moment. Me too, I was almost give up... until I was offered to review dresses from OOMA.SG

OOMA.SG is international online fashion website that focuses on romance and quirk, perfect for the cosmopolitan fashionista.

It comes with a proper size!
Oh man, tell me again about the XL sizing in china online shop that happened to be slightly smaller than M normal size. *faint*

I requested size L (which is size 12-14),
 I was sooo in " just in case " the size guide is not accurate, at least it is bigger not smaller.

But hey, I was wrong! 
In OOMA.SG, the sizing is know what, because I am size UK 10 and requesting size UK 12-14, I have to go and alter my dress to be smaller and fit my body. 

Next time, I should have stick to M size.

One more thing that makes me love OOMA.SG collection is the material.
You know that there are usually a problem when we purchase something online, especially clothes.
We can't touch the material, nor to feel how comfortable it is in our skin. 

But how if I say, if the quality of OOMA.SG collection is worth every penny of it?

The stitching line, the dress cutting and also how it looks on my body is just simply nice, simply comfortable and pretty to wear.

I was very happy when they offered me to pick 2 dresses to feature in my blog :)
I picked:

$ 58.00

and one more to be revealed soon!

 I am loving the dark beige colours that goes well with my skin with a dash of bright orange as an accent in the total outlook. The dark rim on the neck line and the skirt line is also well paired with an abstract pattern that filled up the whole dress.

It is just simply simple and wear-able for both casual look and even office wear.

Love the details.

And the most important part for me is, what I see in the what I get in the package.
(Ok lah, not exactly the same, the model size is UK 6/8 with 172 cm UK 10, with 160cm tall only.)
But not bad right? just see the dress!

Oh, before I forget about this..OOMA.SG is having a contest!

Start shopping at OOMA.SG now and start building your chance in winning the Sephora Vouchers!!
Pretty dress together with a voucher to shop lotsa of makeup stuff in Sephora sounds really tempting..hmmm...

Anyway, here is more..About Ooma:

One day, three fashion mortals made a collective decision that three is better than one. These three individualistic minds who have seen the world of fashion decided fate brought them where they are now; with Ooma as their destination.

Mortal one; A Hole In One

Women admirer. Nothing beats being blown away by beautiful ladies who recognize their curves and pick fitted dresses with elegant waists, sumptuous layers and expert tailoring.

Mortal two; Soho Doll

Talented with the seventh sense of building up closets of classics and quirks for different personalities and shapes.

Mortal three; Dr Hue

Devil is in the detail and runs in his blood. Having operated a family business of apparel manufacturing for ten years trained him to have a palette of well-designed ensembles. Ooma is a private icon that has travelled the world and gets affordable.

Together the trio hope you enjoy wearing these urban pieces as much as they like to create them.

Happy shopping Gals


  1. the dress is so chic and it looks lovely on you~ And totally agree on the china online site, most of them are undersized T___T~ That is why I often shop at US or UK online size as those sizes are more accurate. I also don't need to worry on squeezing myself into it as I know they provide the right sizes ^_~

    1. Agree! US and UK size are better to shop at! but thank God to with a proper six=zing for Singapore market.

  2. looks better on you than on the model. haha..

  3. Hey Elrica, I love your dress, it looks great on you.

  4. wah bajunya cantik, freshh...sepatunya juga cantikkk :D

  5. Mo komen yg kmrn:
    el, napa gak lu pisah aja blog lu? satu untuk pro, satu lagi untuk daily life elu.
    dan lagi, buat apa lu pusing ama omongan orang soal blog lu, itu kan blog lu jadi terserah elu donk mau diapain :P


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