November 08, 2012

My Scheming ~ Deep cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask

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Are you a kind of person that use this sachet kind of mask? 
or a type that use mask from a jar or tube?

All this while I only use the one from a jar as my masking ritual, but lately I found this sachet concept come handy for traveling.

It's compact and 0 issue for space in your luggage or maybe in your hand bag.

So, I think I am start welcoming this sachet mask in my traveling check list.
But still a jar kind if I am at home. :)


For this last few weeks, I've been pampering my self with 
My Scheming Deep cleansing Pore minimizing Mask, hoping that my pores will minimize.

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But instead of getting a smaller pores, I am having a more radiant skin.

I am not complaining here :)

So not sure if it's working in minimizing my pores, maybe it works for others in minimizing pores.
But definitely not on mine.

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On the other side,I think the Mulberry extract, Liquorice extract and Acerola extract gives the radiant effect. I must say, If you are looking for a short term radiant skin over night, this mask could be the solution.

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You just need to put it on you face and keep it for 15 mins at night.
And the next day, you will see your skin is fairer and more radiant :)

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And also, a little tips I learn from my fellow beauty bloggers, Joyce from MFP,
is to keep the mask in the fridge before you use it.

Nice idea!
You will get the cooling effect out of it :)

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My scheming mask is available only at
Watson :)
$14.50/box (10sachets)

Have you ever use this brand before?


  1. sebenarnya g suka masker2 yg kek begini, cuma harganya ampyun hahahah :)
    jadi g sekarang masih suka pakai masker jadul yang tube gitu! selain harganya murah bisa pakek 10x lebih ^^
    walopun banyak yg bilag pakai masker sachet itu lebih OK hasilnya ketibang masker jadul :)

    1. Mayan mehong ya pit? iyah, efeknya mayan instant sih ^^

  2. i love wearing masks too :D It's so calming!

  3. i love the sound of this mask, to bad we cant get it here in Ireland! x Marina

  4. I haven't used this brand before, but it doesn't cause breakouts does it? I need something to minimize my pores too! >,<

    Belle Epoque

  5. interesting! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  6. Stumbled upon your blog. Great post.


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