November 07, 2012

For your Nails only :)

Holla holla..I'm sharing one hidden gems at

505C Bishan street 11 #01-412
9238 8558

This place calls " For Your Nails Only " and it is really just for your nails only :)

When you entered the shop, you will find a clean cut shop with a wall full of OPI nail polishes :)
Its like, no matter what colours do you prefer and match ur skin tone.."For Your Nails Only" has it.

One thing I found interesting about this place is the cleanliness!
The cleanest mani padi place ever! and I am very particular about this things.
So this is just perfect.

They also have a huge range of the Nail art that you can choose from, and I am already eye-ing for my next pattern. Can you guess which one is my pick?

Meet Ira, 
the owner, my lovely friend and a very talented Nail Artist.

For me, I love the simplicity and the cosiness in the shop.
And again, it's damn clean and comfortable.

All the tools that she use is sterilised.
I am in love.

And when you made a booking through this no (9238 8558), you will speak directly to Ira and you can share your idea on what is the design that you have in mind :)

As for me, I love to leave it up to her and let her play around her creation on my nails :)
Coz I know her choice is very classy and sweet, just like me.
*Let's vomit together..1..2..* hahahaha..
~Mo nulis " yok muntah bareng-bareng " kok ga enak yah kalo di inggrisin? 

Anyway, look at this design..this design was made sometimes back..
and I am still wanting this ribbon on my nail :)
* I miss u my pink ribbon*

And this was the last design I made with For Your Nails Only..

I will go back to For Your Nails Only as my regular Mani Padi place, even though I am not sponsored.
The price. The place. The service is just so worth it, and the best of all,
meeting Ira,someone with a pleasant personality is really refreshing after a long tired day.

Some of my Mary Chia spa party guest has tried For Your Nails Only service and they all are super duper happy about it! and my friend, Pitshu from Indonesia flew to Singapore for her pre wedding shoots and get her nail done from For Your Nails Only, and she is very happy about it too.

So, why don't you give it a try and join the happy customer here :))

For Your Nails Only
505C Bishan street 11 #01-412
9238 8558


  1. kmrn itu Lu's kesana juga dia suka, si Ira emang kerjanya rapih cepet, si Lu's kek na udah beberapa kali kesana~
    dan kata Lu's disini itu murah, worth it lah ^^
    g sendiri yang kemarin request aja, sampe dibikin 4 disain boo~ hahaha.. dan hasilnya g suka banget :)

    1. Gw juga uda booking slot untuk appointment sama Ira Pit ^^

  2. Orang Indo ta, El. Kok namanya Ira. :p

  3. Gorgeous! I love it!^^ I might check the place out this holidays or something; Bishan is pretty near where I live!:D

    Belle Epoque

    1. Cool! yeah, the location is pretty easy to find and walking distance to MRT :) and the best of all, clean!

  4. Replies
    1. Gelist start dari $22 an di..affordable kan?
      Nail art nya $2++ per nail..jadi masih murah dibanding gelish laen yg min $60+ :))

  5. El klo pake ribbon tahan brapa lama? gw pengen nyoba takut abisnya pasti ga 5 menit uda copot atu nyangkut kali.

    1. Tahan 2-3 minggu Ira ini ga tau pake apa, tahan banget ^^

  6. Yah, el, pas gw ke tempat u, gw lupa loh mau nanya u bikin kuku dimana. Next time gw musti ke sini deh soalnya mupeng banget liat pita2 di kuku nganaa...hehehe...


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