November 27, 2012

Breaking Dawn part 2

 Oh yeaa..It's that time of the year again where team Edward and Team Jacob is screaming in joy for this shimmery Vampire and the topless werewolves!

Thank you OMY for the Movie preview!

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But I must say, this time..not so much sparkling skin and only one time topless muscle showed by my lovely Jacob. *still very sexy and yummy tho* ~ thinking of my finger touching those abs still give me this funny tingling feeling -down there- omg..~ Muahahha..

If I need to rate Breaking Dawn part 2, I would say that this is the BEST Twillight movie ever..not many cheesy scene with a lot of " I love you Edward " and " I love you too Bella, you are beautiful " with a close screen of Robert Patterson's lips eating " Kiam Boi " kind. :D

This time, I found it very interesting, the way they put the movie together..the twist that drawn everybody with a little agony and satisfaction but ended up with a a BIG " CHEEEERRRRRRR!!! "
It's pretty a mixed feeling. But I loved it!

If you are not a Twillight fans, and annoyed by how the girls screaming over the pale sexy Brits guy and a hot 6 pax exotic looking guy, that's ok. Eventhough I don't understand what not to love from this 2 sexy guys?! Anyway, I wanna tell you that " Bella Swan " in this movie is already turning to Swan from her previous ugly duckling stage..she is really really pretty..TOO pretty! I am never a fans of the Bella character in this movie, but I liked her here. Strong, pretty and not a kind of " I can do this Edward " but almost die in the next second anymore. So yeah, this is how I like it!

Watch the trailer here:


  1. Replies
    1. Ho Oh!! surprisingly lumayan bagus ya cheesy cheesy amat!!

  2. nontonnya free seating ya, El? enak juga ya

  3. ya I like the last sequel the best too!!


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