November 06, 2012

Green eyes green?

Do you have green eyeshadow?
Do you have it and don't know how to use it?
Or maybe do u have few shades of green but you don't know how to use it?
*Did you just nod ?*

If yes, maybe I can share a bit on how I use up my green eyeshadow collection to pull out the
Green eyes look :)

This is going to be a simple tutorial on the eye look :)

Me in my bare face :)

Before you go for the green eyes make up, prep the whole look with a simple and natural make up.
Check out my natural Korean make up tutorial, it might come useful :)

This is how I look after the " Natural " make up.

From there..
I applied my dark green eyeshadow on 1/2 of my outer lid

2 shades lighter of green on the 1/2 inner lid

I also use a turquoise green to frame my lower liner :)

Don't forget the fake eyelash to make your eyes "awake " :)

and also a black pencil eyeliner on your lower waterline :)

Keep a little gloss on your lips and keep the lips color subtle :)
and here you go..

The green eyes :)

Hope you liked this simple tutorial :)


  1. Prettyy!! Do you use eyetape? Mine is asian monolid eyes too. What brand do you recommend? I am using Maycare eyetape (the clear plastic one) but people still can see my eye tape. Boo :(

  2. I wish i read ur review a week ago before my gram`s birthday hohohohoho.. stunning ce!

  3. Bagus El~ Pakai bulu mata ternyata bisa bikin mata jadi lebih "terbuka" gitu ya keliatannya?
    Tutorial nya simple. mau coba ah kapan2 buat ngedate :D

  4. Wow keren, gua suka warna ijonya bagus banget. dikau tambah cantik El :)

  5. Keren El!!!!! Eh, apply esedo di bawah moto itu gimana sih caranya biar ga blobor? pake angled brush ya?

  6. cantikk banget >.<
    keliatan jadi fresh :D
    boleh ni kapan" dicoba.. hehe

  7. very simple but you looks pretty !

  8. Awesome tutorial! Love the green look! And so simple too. Xoxo

  9. gw suka riasan mata yg ijo2... tp sampe sekarang ga berani beli eyeshadow ijo hahaha.. cantik el~

  10. wah...bagusnya...
    gue belom berani pake warna hijau, El..masih bermain "aman" coklat atau pink hehehehehe


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