August 19, 2012

Salon De Choix ~ it's my choice!

I think I am full of blessing :)
Still don't have a lot of money though, but my blessing comes in so many other way.
It's like, everyday I am grateful for every opportunities and chances to meet new and amazing people in and outside the industry.

For this edition, my blessing comes in sponsorship form from

Located at the central of Singapore,
3 Killiney Rd #01-06 Winsland House 1.S'(239519)

(Opposite KPO)

This strategic location which is only within 5 mins from Somerset MRT, makes Salon de Choix easy to find and a good hair done place within town.

This classy, and beautiful Salon founded by Sharon Wu, 
a director and renowned stylist with more than 20 years experience.

Cozy, elegant and spaciously comfortable, 
are the first impression I got at the very moment I stepped into the salon.

Really a kind of Salon that I would like to get my hair done without being disturbed by a noisy hair dryer sounds every where and hair stylist talking loudly to each other. No No!

This is perfect.


Let me bring you to my hair make over process, and I love how it turned out.

My Stylist, Jerry ( He is a senior stylist) 
did brief consultation on what is the current situation of my hair now.
It's an honest comment from him, which I agree that my hair is messy and dry T_T

I know I am lacking in this department, 
and never trying to do something extra mile to keep my hair well. >.<' 

I look forward on how Jerry could transform my hair.
It's a hair make over time! 

My before hair - back

My before hair- front
 One thing for sure, Salon de Choix provide pamper you comfortably.
Start from a choice of drink for you to choose.

Snacks range from crackers to Instant noodle.
My Yummy Mocha! I had 2 cups!

Or even a kimono to keep you warm.

First step, Jerry trimmed my hair.

Then we decided to do creative highlight.
I told him, my job nature not allowing me to have a funky hair colour in the office, but I want a dash of red on my hair. 

So, Jerry created something i call " hide and peep" red colour on my hair.
The red, I mean a real red..peeping out from the ashy brown hair he had for me as based colour.

Majirel collection from L'oreal

Red highlight in the making.

Ashy brown joined the process.

After sometimes, they escorted me to a rinse area, and guess WOOT?
The washing chair is a MASSAGE CHAIR!
I never NEVER EVER in my life found a salon with a massage chair, and I am totally sold to this place. Hehehehe..the usual hair washing that I hate becomes something that i wish gonna take longer than it should be.

So relaxing and i got my head massage too. OMG, Jerry you are the best!

Next, Treatment time.

According to Jerry, 
this treatment are meant to close the follicle that are opened during the process of hair colouring. 
It's totally your choice though, and they are not going to push you to take the product. 
Unless you really need it.

In my own opinion, I don't usually take this kind of treatment in Salon, because I thought it's going to last until my next hair washing and that's it. Gone my $200+ treatment.

But I need to tell you this, and this is not because I am sponsored.
I tried this treatment, and it does last.
It does help. And it does treat my hair.
It is worth to try.

In Salon the Choix, they have a protocol of the treatment based on your hair condition.
Like mine, as seen in the chart below:

*coloured hair*
* Weak*
*And still consider - thick*

From the above analysis, Jerry told me that I need to reconstruct my hair first and in the same time protect my coloured hair.

So this is my treatment choice.

Hygienic and practical, with a pump spray bottle.

And after a 15 mins treatment or so..Jerry rinsed my hair again (oh the massage chair!), and ready to style it for me.

He half dried my hair with a blower..

and apply this Kerastase product to keep the hair ends in place.

And here it is!


Look at the details of Jerry's cut

This too.

The Hide and Peep Creative highlight from Majirel by L'oreal

Try it out friends!

I love the layer!
So, let me camwhore a bit more on the hair ok?

Look at the peeping red in my hair! Nicely done!
 A happy me with my new hair!

Thank you Sharon!

And Thank you too, Jerry!
Thanks for making me fabulous. I LOVE THE HAIR!

Do look for Jerry when you come to Salon De Choix, 
and quote my code:

" Elrica-Pinkbuble"

for 15% Off!

And call Jerry for appointment at:

6836 2959
9831 4134
He is off on Monday!

Also check out SALON DE CHOIX FACEBOOK for more info.

I really enjoyed my hair session with him, he is friendly and professional!
We talked like mad, from family to instant noodle. LOL!
I'll see you again soon my friend!

And oh, this is how it look from the back :)
If you asked, " what the hell with this low res photo? "
It's because, I am clever to accidentally deleted my photo in camera and 
too lazy to take the DSLR out :D

So, that's it for now! I'll be back with more updates from
Salon de Choix!

It's my choice.


  1. Kereeeennnnnnnn...
    Aku jadi pengen punya highlight pink!! ^^

  2. Gila ceee lux bangetttt!! Mahal ga ce?

    1. Ga gitu kok Kim, abis dapet 15% off kalo kamu quote nama aku..jadi ne mayan affordable! cobain deh Kim, si Jerry itu cut Korean style bagus! cocok sama kamu ^^

  3. hai el, uda sering baca tulisanmu baru kali ini comment... hehehe...

    hasilnya keren ya, mukanya jadi keliatan lebih fresh :)

    1. Hi Mel ^^

      Iyah, aku juga kaget, ternyata rambut ngaruh pisan yah!

  4. huahh.. dah lama ga highlight rambut, secara ga enak ama keluarganya Buled nih, ga ada yg aneh2 rambut na wakakakaka :)

    1. yuk mare kita highlight-highlight..nanti lu kemare, cobain salon ini deh! mayan bagus pit!

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