August 12, 2012

Hello from Jakarta!

No photos. No picture. Much fun. Feel loved. Eat a lot. Uh oh!

One thing that always brought me back to Jakarta is family.
The older I am, the more I miss my family. If you are new to my blog, let me introduce myself again. I'm Indonesian chinese that currently stays in Singapore ( and loving it to the max). So yeah, every now and then I go back to Jakarta to pay them a visit.

Just like the other trips, this trip has been so fullfiling for me. It also hits me hard about family and old friends that always make me warm to be around them. Whenever i was about to fly back to Singapore, i scared that, that time it will be the last time I'm meeting them. 

I don't deal well with death. It takes ages for me to move on when grandpa from my paternal side died. And this time, my grandma..(also from my dad's side), whom I grow up with, currently in coma for the 5th year. We transferred all the hospital bed and equipment to home and keep her with us, hoping, that someday she will be ok. But, now..i don't think she will ever wake up. I am sad.

For everytime i found cheap ticket, i always fly back to see her. 
Eventhough we can't talk, i still think she can hear me. I was once, told her " ama, i am about to get married..i think u gonna like him " and i saw tears in her closed eyes flowing down to her cheek.
So i think she can understand me.

Omg, gw sedih banget euy pas liat keadaan oma gw, en gw sumpe ga tau gimana caranya to make her feel better. En somehow berasa super guilty, dimana gw sekarang living in a comfortable life dan gw ga bisa share that with her. T_T 

Super sad.


  1. Wooow you are in Jakarta? Welcome to the traffic ^^ Anyway.. so sad to hear about your grandma =( Wish all the best for her.. *hugs

    1. he eh, i was in jakarta and welcomed by the amazing traffic ^^
      And about my grandma, bantuin doa yah..semoga yg terbaik aja terjadi.

  2. ahhh jadi sedih ric...
    ya gimanapun moga2 yang terbaik aja buat grandma lu ya...

  3. sedih g bacanya El, bisa ngerasain gmn lu bicara sama oma
    moga2 terbaik untuk oma n keluarga ya !

    1. he eh gw juga sedih, pas ngetik ini aja sampe banjir gila..tak sanggup nahannya.

  4. gue sampe berlinang di kantor bacanya..
    be strong yah say, Tuhan tau yg terbaik buat Ama..
    keep on praying.. don't loose heart

    1. he eh, daku juga sampe berlinang linang ga setop setop pas nulis ini. T_T


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