August 29, 2012

Plum-ish blue make up tutorial ^^

Continuing from the Purple Valentine look that I did, last weekend I made another tutorial still on the similar shades of purple. This look will be a kind of soft hues of purple with a dash of bluish as an accent.

Are you this colour kind of person? I am not. 
But it turned out not so bad and I still can carry this for night look :) -or maybe day look?

Anyway, I started the look after the basic make up that I already applied earlier. If you haven't check my quick 10 mins basic make up, go and check it out ^^

So started from this look:

I touch my face up with MAC Studio Perfect.

These 4 bottom right eyeshadow are the colour range that I choose:

I love to start my eye make up with framing my eyes, it's either with black eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Wing it upward that going to be our guideline to create the eyeshadow shape.

First, take a deeper shade of purple and apply it within the outer corner of your eyes following the dot below

Then the lighter shade on the inner corner.

Once you are done with this 2 steps of eye shadow, you should be able to see the gradation of the eyeshadow on your eyes.

From here, take the dark blue eyeshadow and overlay it from the inner corner to the outer corner following the shape of the blue dotted line.

And to finish the eye make up, take any light or white colour.


And swipe lightly all over your eyelid, with more accent under the brow bone.

Repeat the same for the other eyes, put on your lashes, blush, and lipstick. are done!

 Hope you gals like the tutorial and enjoy trying it at home :)

'Till next tutorial :)


  1. Yup
    blue and purple is my kind of make up color :)

    1. I know u'll like it ^^
      It will suits u well ^^

  2. ateeepppp!!!! *baca: cakeeep*

  3. love the soft eye look. pretty :) it suits you very well.

    1. Made one babe, I bet it looks goo don u too :)

  4. kerren... thanks for the tutorial El! mau coba ah next time :)

  5. loooove it!!!

    following you now :)
    would appreciate if you follow me back

    1. Followed u back ^^
      I love ur blog babe.

  6. cantikkk....duhhhhh gatel pgn praktetk gtau jadinya kayak apa di gw :P

    1. Pasti cantik juga Mon ^^
      try it out :)


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