August 23, 2012

My little NAIL SPACE by Ginza


Yeap, it's about NAIL this time ^^

If you notice, I never had any Nail art tutorial at all in my blog, that's because I simply don't know how to draw nice design to my right hand nails. You know, that problem..left hand seems not cooperating nicely when it comes to return favour to the right hand. :D
* This sounds to politically right huh? the fact is, I am suck at Nails!
and I never good at it! hehehehe*

So I always go for the expert to get my Nail art done!

In Nail Space, expect a lot of design, friendly service 
and warm personality of Jean, the Owner of the Salon.

The collection of colours they have are amazing. You name it, they have it!

Homey and cozy location to get your nail done.

Aaaand a lot of Nail art design for you to choose as well.

My manicure ritual start as it's protocol.

Removing the old Gelish Nail polish

Cuticle removal

And start the designing steps.

My manicurist is Winnie..she is so good and supaaa detail.
Every single dot she makes is perfect. I don't know how she do that.

And because mine is gelish nail polish, 
I have to put my hand in a box that has this bluish lighting thingy. 
(what do u call this lighting again?)
*it makes my nail looks Neon-ing*

Look at this! Polkadot and glittery ribbons.
Do u like the design I choose?

I love it!
Thanks Winnie for making it perfect for me.

Love this much! yay yay yay!

If you keen to try out their service, they have a first trial price:

Classic Mani + Pedi for $42
Gelish Mani + Cuticle for $30
Express Mani + Pedi for $22

Do book your appointment at 62912672 
and look for Winnie if you drop by

Nail space at Blk34
Whampoa West #01-51, S330034
Boon Keng MRT, Exit B. 

Or you can visit their other outlet at
1, Park Road
People's park Complex #03-02, S059108
Chinatown MRT.
P: 65361622

Thank you to Nail Space for inviting me down!
I like how expert Winnie did my nail and love your homey service.

Gals, go to to know more about their service.


  1. Hiii There...
    Are u singaporian? Or indonesian people stay in singapore?
    Can u speak indonesia fluent?
    Nice to meet u ;)
    If u dont mind, pls come to my blog

    1. Hi Cath, I am Indonesian that lives in Singapore :)
      Speak fluent Indonesia and nicec to e-meet u too *shake hands*

      Keep in touch!

  2. ini beda ama si Ira itu yah ? ^^

  3. oooh~ I love the nail art design its so cute!! ^_~

  4. I'm proud to call Elrica friend for she's always pleasant and one of the affable beauty bloggers on the planet. Looking forward to seeing more reviews from her...:)

  5. Hi....salam kenal...
    Saya suka mengunjungi blog ini...bagus...saya tinggal di Jakarta...
    saya mau minta saran & masukan...bibirku suka kering recomend pake produk apa ya?

    1. Hi Jun,
      Untuk bibir kering, coba kamu minum aer min 8 gelas sehari deh..dan juga apply Olive oil di bibir kamu. Kalo ribet, aku suka pake lip balm merek Palmers, itu moist abnget en bikin lips jadi kissable!

  6. You look cute and you're nails are so pretty! I just discovered your blog & I'm a new follower!:D
    Maybe you could visit my blog if you have the time!:)


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