August 06, 2012

Nuffnang Kaching!!

This Kaching was made couple months ago , yeah I know I've been really outdated to blogpost it now :D
But it's better late than never, right?

So, I believe..everybody knows Nuffnang ^^
Who doesn't?

Just in case, u never heard this famous blog ads community, I'll share a bit with y'all. is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community.
Their online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or video based advertisements onto more than 100,000 blogs hosted on various platforms. currently has offices in 4 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

Beyond blog advertising, Nuffnang also pride ourselves in being a community for bloggers by bloggers, organising and supporting a wide range of blogger attended events like movie screenings, seminars/workshops, parties, and more.
Nuffnang has been widely featured on mainstream newspapers like The Star, Malaysia and The Sunday Times, Singapore, amongst other media..


So yeah, I just got my very first Kaching last April..just a small amount to start, but I am happy with it. I believe, just like Nuffnang small seed planted in a right and healthy soil, it will grow bigger and better.

I finally received the cheque after many ping pong email about my last name.

Just "Elrica " seems hard to believe for everybody and it will start with questions like:

" How come u don't have last name? "
"Are u chinese?"
" You don't use your father name?"
"Why so weird, where got someone has no last name?" - Got! me!

Haiyaaa..ok, finally I think have to explain to everybody about my last supposed last name is Diona, taken from the lady who pour the water in Aquarius zodiac
(I don't know whether this is true though-can someone clarify?).

I am damn Aquarian, and when I was born my dad arranging my birth certificate..and he forgot to put my " Diona " name in it. And when he came back with the certificate, it's only Elrica name in it, and they are too lazy to go back to the government thingy to amend the name.

You know, back then in Indonesia..we tried to avoid all sort of things that has to do with government. So yeah, this is the history of why my name just " ELrica "

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Back to Nuffnang, I am a Glitterati member!
Which makes me one" Exclusive Nuffnanger "

What does it means by Exclusive Nuffnanger?

An "Exclusive Nuffnanger" is a Nuffnang blogger who has NO advertisements from, mentions of, or links to other ad networks originating from SEA, or any ad networks we deem as competitors on his/her blog.

Of course it does has the advantage compare to the normal nuffies :)

Not bad ay?

So, join Nuffnang now! 
Put the ads banner on and enjoy your Kaching!


  1. Replies
    1. Traktir lu mahal di ongkos Man!! hayo dateng Sg sini!

  2. yg g perhatiin dari blog ini, make up mata lo cantikkk pisan wakakakakak :)

  3. hi, eike suka bgt make up matanya euy...banget!!! Rahasianya apa?


  4. Same with me lahhhh. I don't have last name too! XD Said my parents are too lazy searching for my last name, so they didn't include it on my birth certificate. Miraculously, I got last name on my IDcard. You know lah, asal kasih nama aje dia. They put my father name as my last name! This officer -___- hahahaha


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