August 26, 2012

10 mins make up!

Oh, I know how it feels when we are rushing in the morning >.<' 
Be it to office, school or even sending your kids to the school. 

 But I also know, it's important to look fresh with a little effort only :) Again, if you think your wake up face is natural enough and presentable to look good the whole day, lucky U and I am not talking to you now. 

But the rest of ladies, that is less lucky like me, read on!

My average make up time in the morning is 10 mins :)
Usually it will be around 8 am - 8.10 am, that is before I grab my bag, put on my shoes and brisk walking to the bus stop.

If you think doing make up and look good within 10 mins is kinda impossible, Bobbi Brown once did make up in 1 minute. I'm not kidding. Google up!

So for my 10 mins make up:

I started with SKin 79 BB cream and Sampar Glamour Shot afterwards.
Never heard about what is Sampar? me too! until I received the sample in my August Trove-Vanity Trove (VT already available in Indonesia! Yay!)

So BB cream, you gals know what it is, especially this famous  Skin 79 BB cream! so am gonna talk a little more about Sampar Glamour Shot; this new in town product claim to instantly minimizes wrinkles and imperfections while matifying the complexion. Is it works? about the wrinkle part, I don't know - I don't have wrinkle yet. The matifying effect? Yes, it works!
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I use Mac Studio perfect to cover my dark circle. 
It works for me - I'm lazy to use concealer for daily make up :P

And the rest, as simple as filling up your eyebrow, frame your eyes with eyeliner, mascara, and light pinkish blush to freshen up the whole look. Done!

And don't forget the lipbalm ^^

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And here you go!

Photo on the left, taken this morning just after I wake up and shower :D
And photo on the right: after my quick 10 mins make up.

I think I look better.

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If I can look better in 10 mins, why can't you?

Have a fabulous day Peeps!

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Monday is coming!!


Btw, just a random question: If you only have 10 mins left in your life, what will you do and why?
As for me, I think i will call my mum and dad to tell them i love them and see them in heaven, and cuddling up with my Mr. until the time is up.
Wuts yours?


  1. I think it's really cool that you have posted a without make-up picture and a with make-up picture! Props! :)

    x Sabine from

    1. Hi Sabine,
      yeah..eventhough the before look was not really pleasant to see :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Babe ^^
      U look gorgeous as well :))

  3. wow, that looks so amazing, very quick and easy to do! thanks for this post :) you look gorgeous! <3

  4. nice tutorial, emang yg kek gini simple & cepet...
    btw boleh request review BB dunk klo ada... entah kenapa gw ga bisa pake BB yg matte gt, selalu jadi cakey. mgkn krn kulit gw oily kali ya :D

    Gw klo cuma ada 10min left... gw bengong liatin jam kli ya, ato nulis surat waisat hahaha.

    1. Ada Nge, gw da kumpulin tu BB cream dari sponsor2..berbagai macem merek euy ^^
      Nanti gw review satu satu :)

  5. eh El, mascara maybeline itu oke banget kah?

    1. gw sih suka banget yah, ngangkat bulumata gw yg redup begini soalnya :)

  6. I like this post, suitable for lazy ladies like myself :)

    normally I only use bb cream, some powder, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lip balm too like you! ><" will try mac foundation next!

    If I have 10 mins left, I think I'll call my mom and dad haha :)

    1. Me too! a lazy lady in the morning :)
      Mac nya yang powder foundation biar ringkes ^^

  7. Hi, bole tau u pake concealer nya merk apa? gw dulu pake maybeline punya, trus entah karena terlalu creamy teksturnya, ato karena pakenya terlalu semangat tebel2 gt, beberapa lama kemudian muncul bintil2.. trus langsung stop, sekarang cuma pake laneige pnya eye cream, itu pun karena takut tambah parah milia nya jadi pakenya super tipis2.. tapi bawah mata gw itu ada dark circle, tau concealer yang aman ngga? thanks :)

    1. Hi, aku tuh jarang banget pake concealer loh, soalnya jadi cakey banget, dan aku ada masalah milia juga kayak kamu.

      Jadi aku selalu pake BB cream even di eye area dan abis itu tutup pake powder foundation, it helps dan juga ga creamy ^^

      Hope this helps yah ^^

  8. oo, abis pake BB cream di eye area tambah parah ga milia nya? sbelum pk BB cream ada pake eye cream dulu kah?

    Thanks.. yes this really helps ..:)

    1. AKu pake eyecream cuma malem hari sebelon tidur supaya penyerapannya sempurna,untuk daily make up, regime aku tuh cuma SK II miracle water, Skin signature trus langsung mulai base make nya which is BB cream itu.

      So far Milia nya belon tambah parah kok, cuma selalu rajin apus make up en exfoliate aja seminggu sekali ^^

  9. eyelinernya mesti bener2 tebel lewatin lipetan yah el? (gw sih ga ada lipetan)

    tapi kalo pas mata nutup eyeliner tebel gt aneh ga yah?


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