August 13, 2012

Vanity Trove ~ August Trove

It's Vanity Trove time!

Have you signed up for the September Trove?
If you have not, sign up HERE!

If you already have yours, good on ya!
Now, I wanna share my August trove!

Woohoo..I love to be lady in the 21st century, 
I can keep up with the latest beauty trends together with the latest technology to produce it.

Take a look of my August Trove, I must say..the trove is getting better and better.
I love it!

Again, if you sign up every month (before 14-every month) for the next month trove, 
you only pay the Trove for $25.
And like always, if you have doubt of what in the box 
and you wanna wait until someone reveil it 
and then you think that " ah, i want it! " 
or you think it's worth more than $25 
(D'oh! roll eyes! of course it is! I cudn't forget the July trove! SK II, SHiseido, Laneige, etc)
You can always get the back order in $30!

For August Trove, click this Rocket Science passport.

I got lotsa nice stuff,
- Origins anti aging serum (sample size)
- Neutrogena (sample size)
- Brands Innershine Berry essence and Prune essence
- Sampar skin care (sample size)
- SKin 79 BB cream (sample size)
- Oxypad
- Morilins therapeutic mask
- Au lait range (travelling size)
- And, the best part!

For August Trove, you can get Erabelle eyebrow design service for 50% off.
Just use the voucher that includes in the Trove.
And and and..
if you quote

you get additional 10% discount.
AWESOME right? and apart from the eyebrow design, it's written in the voucher that this 
" includes Free 1 piece Erabelle's Long lasting Eyebrow Pencil"
Woooot??? the pencil alone selling retail for $34.24 leh!

Go,and buy!
Btw, I am hoping we are gonna received more make up stuff for September Trove.
I want the Majorlica Majorca eyes reset Gel, this one sounds cool.

Anyway, good night universe.
Sign up and have a great week ahead!

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