August 20, 2012

Vanity Trove x Erabelle Event! and the GIVEAWAYS!

Erabelle Eyebrow Pencil Winners!

For all the pwetty ladies below:

Debby Tondo

Susan Chandra


Wenny Chow


Send me your address to

and I actually still have 1 last pencil for the giveaway,
Stay tuned on how to win it!



Hello ladies!

To Erabelle Prestige :)

A place where I am fall in love with the interior, the smell, the service and the event!

This time,
Vanity Trove (love u!) x Erabelle had us, the beauty blogger to experience a wonderful browlogy 
in their pretty premises.

Seriously what not to love about this lovely place?

From the outside, I can already feel the beauty in it.
OMG lah! Love it.

And when I stepped in, it was not calming me down.
It hyped me up instead, I was like..OMG this is so cute! snapped! OMG that is so pretty! snapped! and i was literally all over the room to took photos and satisfy my kay-poh ness, curiosity.

Pretty right?

We were welcomed by yummy cupcakes and refreshing drink,
and nothing could be more beautifully perfect than that night!

Look at this! I feel like taking the wall home ^^

Just like their Ehtos

Classic, timeless and elegant – that is how Erabelle defines beauty.
Erabelle seeks to enhance your beauty so that it looks natural, never overly made-up or fake.

Discover how subtly defined features can make you look
significantly better, without undergoing extreme
measures like surgery.

This is Moonberry, getting her brow fixed.
This is me, with my everyday brow ^^
Thin & light.

After the consultation, the brow expert told me that my left brow has a active muscle and it makes my brow un-equal. Which in this case, I already know. That's why I draw it lightly,
I hope when it's lighter, people will less notice my eyebrow.

So she teach me the solution of having the eyebrow thicker than what I normally have, 
and more equal that my normal eyebrow.

This is my " After " brow. What do you think?
I think this eyebrow suits my make up look, and more equal than before.

If you keen to try for the eyebrow service, go and checkout their 

Erabrow Design/
No ordinary brow trimming.
Shape and colour of eyebrows are customised according to your face shape.


If you are one busy bee that wants to get the semi permanent natural eyebrow without 
taking so much time in the morning, try their:

A unique semi-permanent cosmetic artistry that customises the shape and colour of your eyebrows according to your face shape using our specialised SoftStroke technique.
(I'm still considering to take this treatment, and when I do..I'll blog the whole process of this service)

Next, the Event!
It started with a little introduction about Erabelle history, philosophy, and how they help others having their aesthetic beauty without looking fake. We all were very happy and surpised of how generous Erabelle provide us that night.

Take a look of this eyebrow set: 

*it's with our name embroidered on it*
omg..why people are so nice to us?
*group hug*

This eyebrow set
Promo price: $128.40 
(u/p $191.80)

The whole set includes:
Eyebrow techno tweezer :S$61
Eyebrow scissor : S$56
Bro Pencil S$34.24
Eyebrow Sharpener $10
Eyebrow comb brush : S$5
(If you frown because of the price point here, then *high five*)
But let me tell you this, this extra ordinary price comes with SUPER extra ordinary items.
I will continue frown too if i never tried it, but when I tried it..I was like " no wonder ".

And now, I would love to share 
4 of Erabelle eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown color to 4 lucky friends ^^
This pencil selling retail for S$34.24! so grab it fast here!!

How to join? SIMPLE! (as always)
Follow me through GFC! and like Vanity Trove facebook page
That's it!

Drop me your name and your email, and hopefully!
You are the lucky one to received this gorgeous eyebrow pencil ^^

Oh, this giveaways open for International readers too.

Thank you Erabelle!

Thank you Vanity Trove.


  1. Amanda Isabelynn ,
    I want to win gorgeous eyebrow pencil :D

  2. Done ^^ hihihihihi
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    thankyou ^^

  3. waaah! I wish I can live at singapore ^^.

    I join your giveaway :D

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    ikutan giveaway ya hehe

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    Ikutan giveawaynya ya,..

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  20. This is so cool! I really want it, pick me please? :D
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    Thank you pinkbuble :)

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