May 06, 2013

My short Korean Permed hair by Salon De Choix

Finally the first 3 fragile months on my pregnancy has ended,
and now I can start getting myself a little treat :)

If you follow my blog long enough, you will know that most of the time I am with my permed hair.. until the very last one damaged by one little salon in Far East Plaza, and because of that stupid salon.. I've gotta keep it unpermed for 1 long horrible year, only until last weekend..I finally got it permed.

Bye bye my straight hair :)

..And before I received a lot of blablabla on pregnant women should not get their hair permed or rebonding, I need to tell you THAT i did my research, I read a lot of info and even consulted my director of stylist, Sharon Wu about pregnancy and hair thingy.

So Sharon and the team decided to get me a low soft Korean wave to change my look!
This is totally safe as the chemical did not get into my scalp.

The whole process started with protecting my hair from the chemical using X-tenso moisturist smoothing cream.

Roll it up..
 photo AD2C3EFF-93DE-4CCA-854E-A7F1816E798F-1823-00000268C5EF3DC8_zpse27c37df.jpg

continue with X-tenso  moisturist digital perm neutralising lotion.
I remember last time, I have to wait for bloody hours to get the perm done, but to my surprise..this time was pretty short. The whole total hours spent for washing the hair, cutting, perming, treatment, washing and blow drying and styling was only 3 hours.

It's totally enjoyable and I really can't wait to see the result!

Sharon and Cassandra applied a various Kerastase and Shu Uemura products on my hair to protect and keep the curl in style. This something cool about Salon De Choix, they only use a great product to keep your hair awesome and not to forget that the rate it's affordable.

Cassandra dried up my hair with a circular blower, this is really fun!
All they have to do is just to put my hair in it and attached it with the hair drier..

..and voilaa..curly bouncy hair is mine...^^

Sharon did put Kerastase Elixir Kultime on my hair to get the shinny effect.

And blow dry my hair until it completely dry.
I didn't touch up my hair colour - so bear with the colour.

 photo 9DBB5BA5-9513-4EA3-B673-99A8E21B05A8-1823-00000268D09235CC_zps96e41235.jpg

I really like my new hair.
It's a kind of Korean wave that I want, a soft and bouncy curl.
 photo 870B6206-C04A-4919-9F25-458FDB3ACEE7-1823-00000268C11272B4_zpsd6b1bc66.jpg

and the most important thing, it doesn't look like Auntie curl.
 photo 1FBF29B0-84AC-45D8-9755-93D5F0CA8B88-1823-00000268CB3FC007_zpsf12acf48.jpg

Go and call Salon De Choix for this kind of soft Korean bouncy curl!
They currently in promotion until mid of June.

6836 2959
 photo 6A78D400-25DD-4BB3-B2E1-61E57C958633-3245-0000044F31EF8206_zps08b6c5d0.jpg


  1. Hasilnya bagus El :)
    N warna rambut mu juga bagus :D

  2. That circular blower looks very cool!! I wish I have one! XD Anyway you're so cute with your new hairstyle.. Congrats dear for your pregnancy ^^

  3. Bagus El keritingnya, hair colornya ombre ya.... cantik deh...

  4. Bagus iiih!!! Gue pernah perm sekali di Lucky then jatoh loh hanya dalam hitungan 24 jam. T.T
    Makanya kapok... pengen perm lagi tapi bingung juga. hehehe


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