May 10, 2013

Awesome!!!! 2 steps Mask by Beauty Clinic.

I know it's quite boring for every beauty blogger (including me) to keep posting about this mask and that mask every now and then. But I don't care, because you need to know this one..not only 1 step, but 2 steps Mask by Beauty Clinic. 

Unlike the usual mask, where you unfold the mask sheet and put on your face directly for 15-20 mins until it gets drier and you take the mask and start rubbing the excess liquid to your neck, this mask is nothing like that.
 It's the 2 steps that makes it different.

1st step: It's the ampoule!
We all know how ampoule works wonder on our skin, and imagine the effect you got with a ampoule prepped skin?

All you need to do is tear off the mini package to get the synergy ampoule booster and gently pat in all our your face..I like to do a little circular massage while applying it, just physiology thingy that makes me feel that skin will absorb the lovely mask even more. :P

2nd step: Put on the mask!
This High density cupra sheet fit my face nicely and don't wait for it to dry up, because it won't.
I put the mask on my face for about 15 mins and take the sheet to apply it on my neck, elbow, knee and whichever i want to apply it.

The choice of mask according to my skin condition are:

AQUA Smart Filler Mask
 for my dry skin.
 photo C09D222F-B8EF-465F-A736-3698948589E2-1757-00000220CC6D9D32_zps0333f2fc.jpg

Beauty Clinic 2 Step Aqua Smart Filler Mask

- Vitally hydrates dry skin and regenerates skin
- Forms a moisture coating film and induces moist
energy deep into the skin
- Improves skin’s moisture retention ability with a
filler clinic system containing moisture building
ingredients such as aquaxyl,phyto oligo and ceramide


Collagen Smart Filler Mask
to maintain the elasticity on my skin.
 photo 155EF496-8369-4D9C-82D0-16FA8FA677B9-1757-00000222C4A5F1EA_zpscc80ee09.jpg

More about this Collagen smart filler mask..
I don't usually give a superb review on mask, because I found the effect is just so temporary and that's it.  It's very much gone in the very next day, the most you will get a brighter face and that's all about it.

But I LOVE this COLLAGEN smart filler 2 Steps mask by beauty clinic because the glow, the elasticity and the smoothness stays for days. I'm not kidding.
It keeps the youthful effect on my skin, the double effect from the ampoule absorbed well into my skin and filling up my smile line. I believe with a twice a week doze, I can easily maintain the dewy and youthful skin.

If you are also looking for a nice mask to stick with..I would like to recommend this
Beauty Clinic 2.step Ampoule Mask.

 photo 07432DC0-DC2D-4570-B29A-BE1C80CFDD8F-2919-000005A517478A7C_zps651dc626.jpg



  1. flawless banget ce ^^
    ce, saranin aku dong pelembap muka yang collagen enak ga lengket.. etude house yg moistfull colagen bagus ga? thankss :D

    1. Rhea, aku sekarang lagi pake decleor far cocok sama kulit aku selama pregnancy ini :)

      Etude house skin care nya agak kurang yah menurut aku. Mending go for brand yang spesialisasi nya itu skin care.

  2. thanks for the review! have been looking for a great mask! :))


  3. eh itu lipglossmu apa ya Ka? bagus banged di bibir :D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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