May 17, 2013

Knock knock: It's Greedy Chimp!

 Oh yes!
Nothing could be better to received a bundle of yummy loot in office when my brain was stuck in writing a proposal and my tummy (and mouth) are craving for something to munch while resting my brain.

 photo photo1_zps3c468e8c.jpg

So instead of thinking what to buy for your daily munch, why don't you let Greedy Chimp prepare it for you? The feeling of receiving Greedy Chimp is something like getting a goodie bag from the birthday party when I was a little girl. I am so keen to open and to see what do i get?
Greedy much? Indeed I am!

Don't worry about getting crap snacks in your loot!
For $14.90 a month or $44.70 quarterly..
you’ll receive 6 or more unique snacks in your Loot
shipped to your home or in my case, to the office.

Snack selections for each month will be based on a theme
dreamt up by the creative monkeys at Greedy Chimp Headquarters.

This is what I got!
 photo photo1_zps6da07923.jpg

A super yummy pop corn fro Planet Pop Corn

  photo photo2_zpse85698b5.jpg

 photo photo2_zpseaad39c8.jpg
Planet Popcorn serves up tasty popcorn made
with a unique technique. The popcorn is made
with 100% imported corn kernels popped
daily and has no trans fat, no preservatives
and no coloring. The Buddy packs and Party
buckets come in are 7 yummy flavours, all with
reduced sugar content.
Kiwa Plantai Chips and Mamee rice sticks
 photo photo4_zps1bed7bca.jpg
Kiwa Plantain Chips are yellow chips high in
crispiness, that come from green bananas
and are an excellent source of potassium and
vitamins. Mamee rice sticks are made from fine,
selected rice grains, thus making them great
wholesome snacks that no one can resist.

American Corn Snack
 photo photo5_zps8ea70e11.jpg
For cheese lovers, the “Cornae” American Corn
Snack has the delicious taste of cheese mixed
well with a crispy corn base.
Impact Mints and Cadbury chocolate.

 photo photo3_zps1195c0cf.jpg

Do check them out:

and subscribe to enjoy various and worth it snacks delivered to your door steps!

Chimp you next time!


  1. uwaaa coklat ama snacknya menggiurkan >.< nyam nyam

  2. nonono fat alert fat alert. Run and save your body LOLLLLLZ. I'm on diet, sister. Those stuff are banned for me.

    1. Okie okie! when u are ready to treat yourself then..u can have it ^^

  3. $14.90 a month dikirimin berapa kali, El? Gue pengen ih. Tapi ini bener2 mengganggu diet banget deh.
    Dikiriminnya hari apa? Bisa milih weekend?

    1. Dikirimin sekali sekantong penuh itu..emang mengganggu diet sih, tapi jadi takeran gw ngemil di kantor tiap bulan. pokony ga lebih dr sekantong ini. mayan kan?


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