April 29, 2013

In House cooking: Ginger infused Salmon with Couscous

Apart from the tiredness and the stupid nausea that this pregnancy caused me,
I think it does bring something good out of me as well, which is my hidden talent for cooking!

I have a good family background when it comes to cooking, my grandma is a super Chef and most of my aunties talented in cooking as well. Now, I think I do too.
Previously, I know I can cook well, but I always couldn't get the " Aha! " thingy in the taste. It does taste good but not good enough for my Mr. keep asking me to cook for him.

I am thankful for my pregnancy that gives me that missing clue in getting the " Just nice " taste in my cooking. It's really something weird and blissful about being pregnant, my taste bud works wonder and i even know what are the ingredients used in the food, - something that previously, when my grandma said " not enough cloves ", I was like " how can someone taste "cloves " in food? But now I get what she meant. Like totally.

Anyway..I want to share the super easy recipe that my. Mr found in the internet.

This is the Ginger Infused Salmon with Couscous.
It is yummy, healthy and easy to make.

You will need:

Fresh Salmon
Ginger - grated
Olive Oil
1/2 Lemon
Pinch of salt
Pack of Couscous

Dried apricot

 photo photo3_zps73816529.jpg

Marinate all the above main ingredients to the salmon and leave it for 30 min or so.
Practically you can put as much ginger and Olive oil as you like, go a little more if you like a strong ginger taste or cut it down for just a little taste of it.

 photo photo2_zps79108cb5.jpg

Then pan fried each side of the salmon for 2-3 Min.

Meanwhile, lets prepare the couscous.
I love Waitrose Aromatic & Fragrant in garlic and coriander.

Thrown in the whole pack of couscous with 200ml water and cook it until it's dry.
 photo photo4_zps2f1af35b.jpg

Get your Salmon from the pan and serve it with couscous, dried apricot, and a sprinkle of chilli powder.

 photo photo1_zps8051d823.jpg
it's yum! 

happy trying.


  1. ahh yummy abis itu >.<,pas banget lagi ini postingan cc pas aku lagi laper haha


  2. Gue doyan banget sm couscous. Mungkin melebihi doyannya gue sama salmon mateng. Kalo sama salmon mentah, masih doyanan salmon mentah ihihi.

    Blm pernah coba sih yang aromatic, biasanya gue bikin dr yg tawar, trus dibumbuin sendiri pake kaldu dll. Ah, nanti cari lagi ah couscous di supermarket. Ngeselinnya di Jkt makanan gituan mahal sih!

    Nah, tuh, sense keibuannya masak di dapur udah keluar kan?

  3. keliatanya enak!!!
    mau coba ah tpi ga pke ginger heheh
    thanks ya ce buat resepnya :D

  4. mantab El! thanks for sharing the recipe ya :)

  5. mantab El! thanks for sharing the recipe ya...mau coba ah kapan2 :)


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