May 15, 2013

I am expecting..a new member in Da House on 15 October!

I think many of you who doesn't read Bahasa roughly knows that I am expecting a baby by the previous title and also from the Ultrasound photo. :D

Yes, Indeed I am!

I am now on my18 weeks!
And so ready to start this new journey.

Flash back to February 2013,
it was on the Chinese New Year season where I felt sick most of the time and easily tired.
I thought it was because of the rainy season, non stop travelling and the full schedule of my blogging event and the make up job I had. But I never suspected that I am pregnant. Not at all - although I am hoping so.

We decided to try for baby since November 2012, but the timing was not always right, like the ovulation schedule I downloaded from the free app doesn't match the ovulation test kit I bought from Watsons. It gets me confuse, because technically..apps it's just an apps right? but when I tested my ovulation cycle-according to the apps- using that expensive ovulation stick, it was always shown an empty circle, means no ovulation. Shit.

Next attempt,
we took a week hornymoon to Bali in December, you relax and stay away from the hectic life in Singapore, with the thinking that maybe the egg is let relax it for a week, taking diving certificate, stays in a nice villas, eat our heart out and..... Nope. Negative.

Then I got impatient.
 Oh yes, I am very impatient and when I want it, I want it now.
(So you better save ur comments on how other people keep trying for years and still full of hope blablabla..- I am just not that kind of person). I know myself better, when I want something, I want to get it before I lost my interest in it, and apparently it does apply on baby too. But one thing that I amazed on how God works in my life, it's like.. He knows me, He know me too well I guess. He gave the little angel to us on January, when we don't even plan it properly. Maybe this is the saying that; us, human- plan, but God decide.

I found out that I am pregnant on 9 February 2013 - CNY eve, when I was in Jakarta with the family.
I was 3 days late for my period, and decided to buy the cheap test pack in Jakarta..and get it tested at night, it came out 2 stripes. I was shocked.

Then I told my Mr. " It's positive " and above all the comments, he said " Congrats baby! "
What?? I know right, It sounds like I am graduating or winning another award kind of reaction, not a dramatic reaction I used to see from movie. Haha!

I get it tested for the second time on the next morning - 2 stripes.
Then I tested it with the expensive test pack in Singapore, yeap: 2 stripes.
Ahh..I am pregnant.

~ Ini gimana sih ya benernya, ga bunting keki..bunting, malah ga percaya ~

 photo 2BE166D0-0B41-4F42-9BBE-1D6BD40C9787-6398-0000071ED1BB398B_zps07a63d90.jpg

In disbelief, I booked Henny's gynae at Paragon medical.. and the doc found the heartbeat :)
So I am officially a preggers.

Although I hate being pregnant at first, I still think that this journey is quite wonderful..after the fatigue and unforgiving lethargic feeling is gone, I am now enjoying the pregnancy.
With this, I am very grateful to cherish my pregnancy journey with


My first encounter with Mary Chia was during Singapore Blog Awards 2012, where Mary Chia is the sponsors of Beauty category and I was the winner! I believe that everything happened for a reason, the winning that I got last year lead me to be in touch with the leading Beauty and Slimming specialist in Singapore - Mary Chia, and when i shared the good news with them..they decided to support my pregnancy journey and more over, be my generous sponsors in getting my shape back after the pregnancy. How awesome is that???

Omg, I am so grateful and at ease to know that I am in a good hand in getting my shape back post pregnancy. I hope you guys stay tuned with me and follow my pregnancy journey with Mary Chia.
I am confidence Mary Chia could get me back my pre pregnant body or maybe even better than that.
If you have not read my journey with Mary Chia before, read it HERE and HERE.

I am VERY happy to have Mary Chia to be my Slimming and facial sponsors for this awesome journey!

Wish me a smooth pregnancy journey everybody!
Now it's time for me to Bo Phai Seh to look for more baby is expensive leh, and I just want the best for my baby.

Anyone wanna sponsor me? :P


  1. COngrats again El!!!! When you want it, you want it now and you got it.
    Do me a favor will ya?
    Ask for Cristiano Ronaldo to show up in my room tonigh!!! LOL

    1. Sorry babe! It works only if its my wish! hahaha

  2. Ah, what lovely news :-) congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy and I hope it all goes smooth xx Clare

  3. Congratz again El. Glad everything worked out perfectly yah :)
    Semoga lancar yah sampe ngelahirin..

  4. Congratz again El. Glad everything worked out perfectly yah :)
    Semoga lancar yah sampe ngelahirin..

  5. And again, congratulation to you. Hope everything goes well for you and your family ^____^. I bet your baby will be as cute as you hehehe

  6. baik-baik ya sayang kehamilannyaaa... jangan kebanyakan makan mie dll yaa eeel, pake krim anti strecht mark dari sekarang atau kau akan menyesaaaal!

  7. gw punya kalender ovulasi jadul dari cici ipar gw, bisa diputer2 sesuai tanggal menstruasi,msh gue simpen buat nanti2 haha

    take care ya El :)

  8. Morale of the story, cheap test kit and expensive test kit produce same result! Can't help to congrats you again!!

  9. g sponsorin beribu2 dan berjuta2 doa, buat kesehatan, dan kelancaran lo selama hamil ini :)
    pengen ketemu bumil juga, klo sempet pas ke SG nanti ^^ heheheheh~ photo bumil donkkk!


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