May 07, 2013

Nespresso " U " for me and U.

Sending my hugs and kisses to Crowd + Nespresso Singapore for sending me and hubby this lovely set of Nespresso U.

This is truly a coffee machine for me and you who loves to indulge the gourmet coffee kind without spending $10-$15 a cup on the outside cafe. Me and Mr. we both LOVES coffee..but since I found out about my pregnancy, I am cutting off my caffeine intake T_T
 but fortunately for me..Nespresso has the kind of  coffee taste that I love in decaf. 

I love the lovely and minimalist design that suits my home ambience.

Not to forget how idiot proof this machine is, even my grandma can make latte easily lor. :P

You can set it to get a long coffee, normal one or even espresso from this one machine.
All you need is slide to activate the machine, let it warm up for about 30 second and you are good to create your favourite coffee :)

Slot in your favourite capsule..

Prepare the milk in Nespresso Aerochino..

Set it to the blue colour for making a cold drink..

Just wait for the around 1 min..

and here you go with a perfection in milk frothing..
perfect temperature, perfect foam and perfect taste to my liking.

I put my cup under the outcome channel of the machine
and as simple as closing the capsule slot..

I am about to get my very own gourmet home.

This is how I like my cold serve coffee latte to be..
a strong decaf coffee with a nice foam of milk.

Ah wait, or maybe with a little garnish of Cocoa powder.

If you are not a cold coffee drinker - just like my Mr. -
You can still enjoy the gourmet coffee latte as I and many people out there enjoying through the U Machine.
Same simple way:
Slot in the capsule of your choice..
Instead of set the Nespresso Aerochino to the blue one,
set it to to red colour by gently press the button one time.
You got your hot latte on your way..
So, whatever your preference is..
Nespresso U-machine is a kind of machine for U and me.

Especially for me, a mother to be that loves fuss free thingy and
prefer simplicity, modularity and pure design, Nespresso U-machine is a kind of coffee machine that I use at home.
If you think your Mom is a kind of this person as well, and love to drinks good coffee, get this U-machine for her on this Mother's day.
" Nah! I already have coffee machine at home, I don't need another one" you said?
It's even better, because I can bet that you will love this machine and during this special mother day, you can trade in ANY od your coffee machine to receive SGD 100 off U machine's usual retail price of SGD 288
*Only available in Best Denki outlets*

Good deal, ay? I  know!
And you know what are the other thing that I love about this U-machine?
It's the disposal and the cleaning part that is super fuss free..all u need to do is 
pulling out the compartment..
Throw it to the bin or to the recycle bag that Nespresso have.
As simple as that.


  1. wooww, asyikkk bikin kupi sendiri mbak :D

  2. Diiiiih El.... ini menarik banget siiih!!! *ngiler*. Di Best Denki sini ada promo nya juga ga? haha *siap siap lempar coffee machine lama*

  3. Haaaahhhh....haaaahhhhh......mupeng gue ellll. Nespresso kan mahal tuh tapi emang enak kopinya. Keurig mah kalah dahhhhh! Ihhhh asik banget el dikasih gratis. (Saya kan juga kopet demen yg gretongan hahahaha).

    1. hahaha..gretongan emang enak ya bo!


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