May 30, 2013

Make Up by Bubbly Brush

If you haven't know, apart from being a beauty blogger, I am also a pro Make Up Artist under 

I love and addicted in creating a transformation and making people looks prettier than they already are, and i wanna show you one of the latest project I did to Korean model..and I am so loving it.

I hope you love it too.

If you wish to create the same look, here are the make up I used:
Foundation: Revlon Photo ready
Powder: MAC foundation powder studio perfect in NC 25
Eyebrow: NYX powder eyebrow in dark brown
Eyes: Using The Balm naked pallete
Blush: Bobbi Brown Coral
Shading: Kryolan shading powder
Lipstick: Bobbi brown



  1. make up nya bagus el... itu bulu mata berapa lapis? hehehe...

  2. memang makeap itu magic yaha
    bisa merubah pempilan seseorang dalam sekejap
    love it <3~
    magic-in eike juga donk ce :P
    hehehehe :P

  3. wooooow.... bisa beda jauh gituuuuu... eike juga mau dong di-make up-in >_____<
    *henshin jadi ksatria baju hitam* hehehe

  4. cita2 gw suatu hari di make up sama elo hahaha...kalo mau ala artis korea bisa dong, saya tidak berkhayal kan :D

  5. Beda banget ya El.. :)
    Hasil make up mu selalu bagus !! :)

  6. Babe your makeup skills is awesome. If I ever need to be made up I want it to be you. :)


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