May 30, 2013

My magical V shape face in Instant!

You know, since I posted the teaser on how I achieved my V shape face in 45 mins, I received many emails and facebook message on what is the cream or treatment I used to achieved that safe and instant result :)

Although as I said, it's temporary effect and last only 1 week (of course, you can maintain the treatment to get the permanent effect ), many of them still want to know what is the treatment and where can they get it , I think this is a good news for everybody that going to have an important event to attend and kinda forget to diet or maybe after dieting..the chubby cheek still there..T_T

I couldn't remember when was the last time I went to professional to do my face :(
It's been more than 6 months since I did any professional treatment to my face, and also eventhough I hate to admit this; pregnancy does change my skin texture from dry to extra dry.
- sounds like wine hor -

I have to re-pick my new skin care regime again, and need extra water - although it's not very much proven - but at least makes me feel hydrated, re-balance my nutrients intake, and all those sort of small matters things.

...and that day, when I dropped by Mary Chia outlet at Goldhill, I took a photo of myself..and I was in a real shock that I actually look like this..

Very much auntie lah - super OMG!
 photo 9AB094A7-A8F6-47B0-8AA9-FDD26EE2FD16-7832-0000087C8077936E_zps57624b5e.jpg 

 by this week, I am on my 20 weeks of pregnancy and gained 5 kg in total..I know clothing is already slightly tight, but I thought my face still look somehow ok..- apparently not! -
 I don't know how on earth my face look like there are many lumps and my smile line like..omg..super sad.

It's really thank Goodness I tried this
Mary Chia Integra Trio Facelift machine (Price $500)

I know it seems really expensive for the 45 mins treatment, but heck I don't confidence, and the feeling to look better is worth more than the money spent on the treatment.

I am always back to Mary Chia Goldhill outlet (6250 7949)  for their professionalism and the friendly therapist, a place that I don't feel like slapping the whoever that look at me from head to bottom and tried to put me in which box I am belong to. For me, it's very homey..and I just love it.

The room, even though not a glam and pretty room to do the treatment..still makes me almost fall asleep during the treatment.

 photo 825CF866-7251-4979-8504-1D54B2B8E610-7789-00000876F75423E8_zps66b6b7d0.jpg

This is the awesome machine that gonna do the magic :)
 photo EEAD7D90-E5B5-47F9-989B-3E6994D6EB41-7789-0000087733BD758E_zps92be493d.jpg

 photo 7BF32D88-659F-4950-99C4-DEF787706C24-7789-000008774B5F4C78_zpsf42b9564.jpg

I am so excited to see the different after the treatment, because I definitely want to look and feel better after every kind of treatment I did. I expect a lot especially when it comes to face and body treatment.

 photo b404d2d9-b9c0-4cd4-b8bf-d2c6f473440b_zpsb898692d.jpg

The Mary Chia Integra Trio Facelift treatment
started with a deep cleansing of the face, continue with this awesome and therapeutic massage and suction machine to facelift the face. You can really feel it's pulling not only your skin, but tighten the facial muscle upward giving you the instant facelift feeling and result.

 photo C4C6E65E-35E8-4C69-8147-4E6CF27D7286-7789-000008783F32E35D_zps40284838.jpg

Soon after the first machine did the job, the second function of the machine gave me a little pounding effect to circulate the puffiness away. I liked it, cause it's sculpturing my face :)
I immediately feel the chubby swollen cheek is gone. super yay!

 photo 9291FE16-7BEF-4D6D-864E-F8769F2D061E-7789-0000087861AF9363_zps1631daab.jpg

And as a final touch to even more relaxed my night, my therapist gave me a superb eye treatment a facial massage that confirm, if she did it 5 mins longer..I will be off to lala land.
I am totally happy and satisfied with this treatment, especially during pregnancy moment where I feel less confident than the normal day T_T.

This is the before and after treatment photo.
Isn't amazing?
 photo C91A7FAA-8581-41E2-AC55-F9C81CE97913-7789-000008792D3461FC_zpsb216f45d.jpg

If you keen to tryout this awesome treatment, do contact the below outlet
(I recommend the Novena Branch)

OG Orchard Point (6732 0220)
160 Orchard Point #02-18 Singapore 238842 

Novena (6250 7949)
183/185 Goldhill CentreThomson Road Singapore 307628 

3. The Cocoon  (6734 6626)
391 Orchard Road #05-22 Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872 

Yeap, I know the price is a bit beyond day to day maintenance budget, but if you happen to have important event in your life.. let say it's your graduation, engagement, or even wedding .. there is no harm to invest on this safe and needle free treatment, and getting almost the same effect like botox..get a pretty V shape face as if you lost 5 pounds instantly.

Or maybe you can share this good news to your Mum or grandma? some grandma still very Hau Sui and wanna look forever young right? then intro to them this treatment :)

And Oh, apart from sharing this awesome treatment..
I wanna let you know that Mary Chia has a promotion for it's:

Anti-Aging Face Lifting Programme (U.P. $250)  
By quoting my " Pinkbuble Blogger ",  you can get
this Anti aging face lifting programme +  Eye treatment (U.P. $110)
for just $68

Don't tell me I never share a good lobang for you all about the awesome deal around, ok?
- Just call up and try it for yourself -

'Till next time!


  1. Woww awesome! I wanna try.. But so far.. Must go to singapore :(

    1. When u already have a plan to come here..drop by here ^^

  2. Widiiihh mejik banget El!
    Gue jadi seriusan maw nyoba deh hahaha


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