October 22, 2012

One for four..and four for one..

These few days, I have been soooo not in the mood in doing blogging.
Not because I start to hate blogging or fall out of love with make up, BUT I have been more in love with Korean drama! Faith! 

Lee Min Ho, the hot sexy hunk playing a character of The legendary General Choi Yung with a twist of 
" door to heaven " thingy..Aww.. I am hooked!
*lap iler*


Anyway..anyway..2 weekend ago, I played make up to kill my afternoon.
Not making any tutorial though, just a " me time " with my make up.

And I came up with " The eye make up that suits any lipstick color "
There is a rule of eye make up and lipstick thingy, I think you have heard this at least twice in your life
" let only ONE of them take the spotlight ".
True! but not always right.

I ever paired smokey eyes with hot smokin' red lipstick, and it's still looks gorgeous.
It goes well for fashion look. ~ more on this later..~

With that jingle of " let only One of them take the spotlight " in mind, I started to create the eye look that I think compliments different colors of lipstick,
it will be just nice without taking too much attention from the lips. 
And the best of all, it's the easiest eye make up I ever do,

I start to prime up my face using NIP + FAB Sheer make up fix.
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
It is in clear colour
Then I continue with the foundation.
*I am using Revlon Photoready 003 Nude shell*
and then the facial contouring
* Using Kryolan contour powder*
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For the eye look.
This is super simple. 
 fake eyelash extension
draw a quite thick black eyeliner in pencil *using Revlon colorstay* 
 NYX jumbo pencil in " Iced Mocha " color
* apply and rub it in crease area*
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Aand...We are done for the eye look.

I am trying out this eye look on 4 different shades of Lipstick:

1. NYX nude pink
2. Estee Lauder Berry Fizz shimmer
3. Mac Up the Amp
4. Mac Russian red

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
This is how it goes..

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
I don't like my look on Mac Up the Amp (left bottom), it's too purplish and er...just MEH!
and if you ask me which one is my favourite? I think I Love the NYX nude pink the most.
It's so everyday look, what do you think?

Which one do you think the most suitable color for me?
and what lipstick color do u ussually use?
Tell me..tell me..

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  1. OMG I also drool over Lee Min Ho in Faith... Just starting to watch it though....


  2. Aku suka yang kanan atas. Keliatan polished and sophisticated..

  3. I like Estee Lauder Berry Fizz shimmer on you. The purple one will be good with smokey eyes :)

  4. hidup lee min ho! hahahaha... doi emang sexy banget yak...

  5. Hi there, love your blog...definitely onto my reading list. Loads of make up tips and great looks, fab xx Love the berry fizz lip colour on you. Although I am a big fan of MAC lipsticks...I just got 'lustering' (nice bright pink).

    PS really like your nails in the pics too...green with white dots. very nice

    Clare xx :-)

    1. Hi Clare! thanks for dropping by my blog ^^
      See ya around!

  6. Ellll... kamu kecapekan yaaaaa?? Kok kantong matamu jadi agak tebel... ayo banyakin istirahatnya lohhhh.... *malah komenin kantong mata...*

    I like the Estee Lauder one :D

    1. Iyo Le..entah sibuk apa gw juga ga jelas..hahahha..

  7. the berry fizz looks the best!! but the other are also nice ^_~

  8. hahaha.. drakor emang racun...
    gw demen dua yg atas..

    1. Racun abis! tiap pulang kantor ngarepnya..cepet mandi makan en nonton!

  9. thats my name on your primer elll *penting*

  10. gua belom ntn nih pelemnya si ayank min hoo, segeraaa hahahahaha
    eh, gimana sih caranya bisa rata kl alas bedak yah... ga cemong2 *numpang berguru*

    1. diwarm up di tangan dulu aja Liv..sampe alas bedaknya agak lumer gitu baru di apply.

  11. gue suka yang kanan atas, El :)
    haiss..gue termasuk yg kurang aware sama korean wave :b
    gue sama sekali kaga tau sapa-sapa movie star atau boyband yang lagi ngetop *ketinggalan banget ya*

    1. hahahaha..sama benernya! gw cuma tau Lee Min Ho ama daniel henney..yang laen gw ga inget namanya..hahaha bingung euy.

  12. yang kanan atas baguss :D cocok buat sehari2

    1. iyah ya..setelah gw liat2..paling yg ga pucet yah si berry itu ^^

  13. love this blog. <3 im done following you. hehe love your tutorial


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