October 24, 2012

PURE Papaya Ointment

 Sponsored Review

Thanks to Roy for sending me my rescue to my chapped elbow skin!
This little black tube from Down Under does magic on my skin, and this is TOO unbelievable.

Ok, first of all, I need to say even though I was given the product by the company to do the review or what is my take on the product, I will not lie and telling the whole world that the product is good,when actually it's only So-so product, or in worst scenario, bad product.

But when it is a GOOD or even GREAT product, believe me!
I will promote it like I was paid for doing so, in which if you are wondering, PURE did not pay me for this. But because I want to share what this magic tube has done rescue to my chapped elbow skin, I will try to convert everybody to use this. hehehehe..

So, this is the PURE-PAPAYA OINTMENT I am talking about.

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This Pure Papaya Ointment is a multitasking skincare essentials from Australia made by 100% natural, and petrochemical free.

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In addition to Papaya, this magic cream active ingredients includes Calendula, Shea butter, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Beewax and Vitamin E.

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If you are wondering why I am so in love with this cream, is because I always have a problem in my elbow area. I have eczema and it always attack my joint area, especially my elbow. So I have to use the steroid cream to calm my Eczema down. In result of the steroid cream, my skin is thinner and drier than my normal skin.

When it is in elbow, 
somehow it makes my elbow skin look worst, it dries up the skin, create reddish and sometimes it turns a bit black-ish. Believe me, when you have a fair complexion, a dark and chapped elbow is the last thing you want.

So, without any expectation, I apply this PURE PAPAYA OINTMENT on my elbow.
Let me suggest you to use this cream at night. Because you might not like the smell, it's a bit papaya-ish..and kinda annoying by some people. I applied this in the office and my colleague asked me to wash it out :P

I didn't take any before picture because I didn't expect it will heal this fast :P
Seriously, my chapped skin is getting way better only after the 2nd time using it. 
The. Second. Time.
and " Whoozzz "!
Less chapped skin.

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Amazing. Love it!

So if you have a same skin condition like mine, or one of the below:

Get this!
It's available at BHG, GUARDIAN, WATSON and Health Food Store.
25gr for $14.90
100gr for $29.90

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  1. menunggu postingan warna rambut baru na mana yah ?! apa g kelewat ? yang merah2 itu warnanya wakakaka :)

    1. Udah di draft Pit...sedang dibaca ama tukang salonnya dulu ^^

  2. i ever made DIY papaya mask and it goes ok, hehe

    nice review! i think i need this, because i also have chapped elbow :(

  3. wooo great ci! Ni bisa buat luka bakar ga ya? hehehe

    1. Katanya bisa heal scar Han ^
      Coba kalo kamu mampir sini..beli deh.


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