October 15, 2012

Pandora 3rd Anniversary & Re-opening Party :)


2 weeks ago, I was attending Pandora event in Raffles city.
I would say it's just a so-so event if Flying dutch man was not the MC, 
and Tebisha, Mag and Ai Sakura was not there.

D6889343-3FEE-41E3-A96C-09D71A5D38D9-259-00000049315A7D22, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

But because flying dutchman was the MC of the night..
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And my fellow bloggers friend was there too, the event become very interesting and full of laughter.
Credit: Modgam.com
The whole event is pretty much about their gorgeous collection, and the " Guess and you might lucky! " session. So we have to guees how much is the Pandora customised bracelet that flying dutchman wearing, and the 3 winner that could guess it correctly will go home with a special gift.

So everybody is trying to take a look of his bracelet and he seems enjoying it to the fullest.
64AE8063-8EC8-4A10-AED4-F1846220ED5F-259-0000004945E1AE28, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

After we think we know the price, we have to write it down and tie it to this little tree.
D5994EED-E6B3-48FA-B825-95AF742A6020-259-0000004963110081, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I didn't win! :P
But still considering to get this one:

9F9ACA53-51F3-4489-B683-46539686D1CD-259-000000498532DA91, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App


That night, I drank 3 glasses of this pinky rose drink..I don't know what the hell was that.
But oh..its so tasty..! Thank God it's not alcohol.

6633AEE6-B6A4-4C11-B944-AB52219FE378-259-00000049A5DAB378, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

This is Tebisha :)
say hi to her ^^
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The ballerina lady entertain us with her little movement here and there.
Not sure if she is ballet trained though.

C331D26F-DD57-4E8F-A1DC-4F2299DB5596-259-00000049AFA668C1, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Turn out your leg please...

~ I said this because I was a ballet trained for 13 years, ok 
*and if you are too, I think you will understand how annoying it is to see people dance not in a right technique and stuff ~

If you keen to know more about Pandora, visit:
Pandora facebook or Pandora website.


  1. oh tampangnya flying dutchman itu kayak gitu ya.. udah tua ya.
    mereka itu penyiar radio kan ya?
    dulu soalnya pas sering ke batam, dengernya radio singapur yang siaran ya si flying dutchman itu..

    1. Iyah man, gw juga pikir dia masih muda loh. ternyata engga.
      Btw ga banyak orang Indo yg tau loh si flying dutchman itu siapa..gw kaget lu tau about him :)


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