October 01, 2012

Laneige flagship store is OPEN..

At ION! Woohoo...
Have you do your shopping there?
I know my lovely friend~Angel did her shopping there! :P


After the opening ceremony, we were invited to join the party at SKY ION!
I love party! I love to be around beautiful people and I love to be in this industry :)
Thank you Crowd and Laneige for always having me with you guys ^^

The whole night was fun, although I don't really know anyone there :)
My Mr. was there with me and just chilling with a blue lagoon theme party!
They hired quite a lot of handsome (but not so friendly guys promoter) >.<'

They are in charge of giving out the sample, and there was one lady who open her purse and ask the guy to throw quite a lot of sample to her bag, and he did. When i ask for my 2nd sample (becoz I came with my Mr,  so technically my Mr. deserved to have one too right?) but the promoter refused to gave it to me! Boooo!! You just thrown at least 4 of it to that gals purse! i saw it!

Something really fun and I missed it! *damn!*
is the caricature artist drawing our face and make it as key chain :)
Look who's here? Mag!!!

And the make up demo by Korean make up artist!
I already shared it in the previous Korean make up tutorial, check it out :)

That's pretty much all for the opening party! and stay tuned with me and my blog for more exciting coverage with Laneige ^^


  1. Hi! Im Fran. A spanish male fashion blogger.
    Maybe you like my style and want to follow me...


  2. btw, produk lagneige yang bajus apa ya, bok?

    1. Gw suka water banks en BB snow nya Fel ^^


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