October 31, 2012

Fun weekend at Moleskine Words Singapore!

So, yeah..long weekend spent in bookstores actually not a bad idea!
Especially when there is this fun workshop " Moleskine Words " by Moleskine :))

With that 150 stamps to create my own stories from, I attempt to make a wonderful one!
Hahahha..I planned to create something that shown my creativity and being proud of my own creativity...

But guess what? It's not as easy as it seems! Mwuahahahaha...I was started with a stoned look on my blank Moleskine cahier book, wondering why am I being stuck and why my creativity department in my brain have not start doing their job..

After a good couple of minutes, I started to take my first stamp! and created this:

See, How my creativity starts flowing..

But after a moment, I see people around me start participating and they were like " hey, I want an " AND "..anybody see that? " or " I saw " TOMORROW " somewhere, pass to me please " and " There there!! Pass me that " LOVE " ...

I think , I think highly on myself!
Man, I was far from being creative..shame on me!!hahahaha..

See how creative they can be?

So I tried to make my next attempt, and I came up with simply this.

Stressful (because I realized I am nowhere near creative) yet fun, because it gets you addicted on it!
Man, I see many of them could finished the whole pages of it creating their own stories :)

And here is Alex, my friend :)
Same, we both a distance away from creative..but we love taking photos, so we kinda camwhoring the whole session :P

And again, this is my proud book! and this is my story..
I don't dance like Star anymore, but I was and how I wish am still dancing like one. T_T
*BIG sob sob..*

After all, I must say this is a fun activity to do and people really spent 45 mins to an hour in the booth to creates their stories.

Good to know that in this city where people literally run in running their life and juggle their activities, there are still some people that love to take a pause, and telling their stories to the whole world :)

A super cute couple that creates story about each other

Sisters..telling me a story about their earth

Joey from Iisjong.blogspot.com with her tagline.

Roxanne love letter to Xavier :)
I'm glad to be a part of Moleskine Words.
For more photos: go to 

Oh btw,
Happy Halloween friends!


  1. so awesome! i wanna get some as well :) lovely photos by the way, thanks for sharing them :)

  2. seru seru... fotonya bagus2 ric!

  3. ihh lucu2 banget stamp word nya itu yah..bikin jadi kreatip...fotonya bagus2 el


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