October 29, 2012

{Korean} style make up tutorial

I blame Korean Drama for being such an addiction!
Am so #Hate myself to the max when I am so hooked to Korean Drama..Haiz haiz..-_-'
~ It's kinda make me ' hallucinating ' until i don't know when --> Quoted from my dearest Magdalene ~

I keep asking myself
"why did I start watching it in the first place?" while watching it..hahahaha..
- you know how it feel..-

*Am currently watching "faith" everybody, go and watch it! and let's get insane together*
Anyway, as always it is such a fairytale,
Handsome heroic actor x pretty lady with such an effortless looking make up!
Too good to be true. 

Anyway, I admit it..I am just jealous with the girl character :P
She is pretty and glowing, damn beautiful for her age. *face-palm to myself*
So excuse me with this crazy-ness in my head about this drama.

With that K-drama syndrome in my head,
I am inspired to create the " effortless" Korean make up look.

Clearly it's an effort-full kind of make up to create with an effort less make up as the end result.

So, this is the project of transforming the "Before me" to the "After me" as shown in the photo below.
So OMFG right?
I know I am not born pretty, but Thank God for whoever invented make up and thank goodness for my skill ^^


~I am wearing Freskon Alluring in Mystical black for my circle lens~


To achieve the Korean glowing skin, start with Laneige BB Snow as a based.

Cover any blemishes on your face using concealer :)
I am using Kryolan TV paint stick in beige.

With the same Kryolan TV Paint stick, I am creating the highlight on my face.
Not doing the S shape this time, but I draw a half butterfly instead.

Continue with the contouring using creme foundation that 3 tone darker than my skin.

Just a little bit near the cheekbone :)

Blend it nicely with a full brush.

Pick a shimmer white eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelid :)

Draw a thin eyeliner just in your lashline and slightly above it.

Now, let's draw the Korean eyebrow.
They tend to have a straight and thicker eyebrow, and mine is hairless with an arc.

If you have the same problem like mine:
Draw a straight line in the lower brow first:

Then slowly filling it up using eyebrow brush and powder eyebrow.

Choose a pinkish blush to put a "blushing " effect on your cheek :)

And as seen in the K drama that I am currently watching, they have this matte pinkish lips.

I don't have a matte pink lips, so I just apply the glossy pink lipstick..

And I take loose powder..

To create the matte effect :)

Here you go:
My interpretation of the Korean effortless make up look.

*just in case you ask, I took a quick hair wash after I am done with the make up*

To create my hair :)
*Cannot show my "just wake up " hair lah..*

Happy trying and hope you liked it :)

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Kamsa hamnida!


  1. You look so cutee!^^ And you've got great skin!:) I envy your complexion! I love watching Korean and other Asian dramas too hehe xD

    Belle Epoque

    1. Its kinda addicted right? those drama and all?No?

  2. suka ce, foto no 2 dari yang terakhir lucu deh, puing puing :)

    1. Foto merem gajebo itu kah?
      ahahahha...geli ya gaya gw!

  3. whooaaaa, thank you for the tutorial!

    definitely will try it later :)

    anyway what's the name of lipstick you used in this look? the color is nice. ^^


    1. I am using Estee Lauder, in rose something..let me check the name :)

      Happy trying ^^

  4. wow!!!! Cool, El. Ntar ah g nyoba ngikutin tutorial lo. >.<

  5. hyaaaa you looks so fresh and cute cie ^^

  6. ah pengen, klo g ke sg, temenin belanja peralatan lenong na, dan ajarin donk say!
    eh.. lo sih ga usah make up begini aja udah kek cewe korea say hahaha :p

    1. Korea darimananya sih Pit..hahaa..hayuk, kl kemari kita shopping lenongan ^^

  7. cantikkkkk...ampe tangan keriting jg gw gagal mulu mau dendong model korea gini :(

  8. aaaa cece cantik banget di foto yang matanya merem (>w<)
    ce sekalian nanya doong, cara pake eyeliner yang rapi dan even itu gimana yaaa
    thankies~ :3

    1. Hi Fatima,

      Kamu coba pake eyelinernya tahan + Tarik eyelid kamu biar kulitnya ketarik kenceng baru di apply eyelinernya, it helps a lot :)
      Dan juga keep practising over and over again..itu juga ngebantu ^^

  9. cantik.really usefull.... hahhha yeahhh this is all because of k-drama hhhee.

  10. youre so cute! =) :* thanks for sharing your makeup skills! =)


  11. Don't say you're not pretty because you ARE :D


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