March 29, 2009

Ah..another food from Jamoo Shangri-la Surabaya

I'm glad of having food taste and addicted enjoy and feel guilty in the end!

That's the whole phase of eating process in my dictionary..

I hate the contradiction, but i take it as a challenge..

of eating then dieting..

*u are lucky, slim healthy lady*

Hmm..actually i quite disappointed with the food here, of where my expectation will be on the same level like Satoo - Shangri-la Jakarta

But, unfortunetly..

Satoo is better.


Western food:

- Breaded beef
- Cream spinach with snapper fish
- Stewed clam
- Papadum ( it was in the western section)


- Tom Yum noodle with assorted seafood

( this is the best of all)

Japanese food + cold dishes:

- Miso soup
- Salmon sashimi
- Cold scallop with asparagus
- Cold prawn salad


- Strawberry pudding
- Lemon fudge cake
- Watermelon in chocolate dip
- Coconut macaron

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