March 03, 2009

Con and Pro..-_-'


This morning, i happened to bumped into one chinese lady here..not really bump into each other actually, it just..we both in one smal area ( bread talk aisle - for God sake), so i tried to step forward and she was 90' from my position..

So i step forward, she step to her right side..then i step backward, she step to her left..and it's been happening for 3 times..practically, it was our fault or none of us! so i decided to take a big step ahead and let her pass by..

while stepping i said " i'm so sorry..(just being polite and smile)"


she said " get lost, i'm in hurry! " well of course in her chinese language..

I was so -__-''

she was so rude and totally think it was my fault..Lordy!

I know some chinese here are rude, i dunno why..they always act (or maybe in real) busy and rushed by time..chill out auntie, get a good life!


Yesterday nite, i was walking alone from MRT to bus stop ( i'm just so lazy to walk eventho it's only 2 bus stop away..) and there's bus no 52, which i'm not sure gonna reach my i ran to see the bus list, and immediately run to the bus once i knew it pass by my apartment..( i just moved to this new apartment)

The moment i reach bus door, it closing..*shit* and there was one guy (inside the bus) saw me wanting the bus's door to be open..

*usually, people here like to pretend they didn't see u, so they can reach home faster..instead of waiting for u*

but this guy, told the bus driver to open the bus door for me..and when i hopped to the bus, i said "thank u to both driver and guy"


Driver said " I'm sorry, i didn't see u"

Guy said " be worries"

I felt happy for this little kindness of stranger..

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