March 23, 2009

Crazy Kat wed!

Singapore wedding

*special thanks for Kat2 and Ah beng in ur special day*

Yeah..if u guys wonder, who kat2 here..she is the crazy kat, my roomate in most of other countries we visited and my dearly colleague..

It's just been an amazing experience and time for me to involve in her wedding, of which Singaporean wedding is sumting new to me..

mostly, we, Indonesia will do the church, temple or other ceremony in the morninh and held the party at nite, rite?

Here, they have this kind of game call "gate crash " so basically it's a simple bully for our groom and how much effort he willing to do in order to meet his bride!

and of course, we as the " jie mei " (aka bridesmaid) need to come up with plan to bully the groom and the groom's men..

First stage:

We (girls) have to negotiate the price of the "ang pau" (red envelope=money) for letting them ( groom and gang) enter the hotel or house where the bride stays.

*negotiation keep going on reach agreement*

Second stage:


for wut ever question we asked..the answer it's always we have to punish them

like this..

And more games:


Until we feel satisfied and usually..we stop when we feel that he's good enough for the bride..

And the meeting moment..

Then the rest remain the same like our Indonesia wedding..

They meet up

Open up veil

Kissing each other

Taking picture..

again...and again..

and some more picture..

just like i did..


With Sunrise colleague

With Ena..

With the bride
and oh..

look at this decoration..

isn't cute..?

it's handmade..

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  1. kayakny gate crashnya seru bgt el..
    iya..dutch delight adanya di birkenhead..enak bgt kan pancakenya??gw dulu sering bgt kesana..mpe yg punya ngenalin skrg udah jarang bgt.soalnya jauh sih.udah gt ribet pula bw KK..ada kok fotonya..cuma dikit yg gw post..terus yg baru belom ada yg di post


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