March 11, 2009

Grey tuesday

I know..wut a boring color ay?

2nd day period, so i chose to wear dark bottom

and yeah..

nothing darker than black i gez..

and about the boring becoz..

i haven't wash it, so i use it one more time


Not much details on my outfit today, only


Simple necklace

simple clip

my leopard pattern shoes!

Skirt: AMK hub store (can't remember)
Sweater: knit me on
Tank top (black) : Mangga 2
Necklace: Swarovsky
Shoes: Mitju
Hair clip: Handmade by friend


  1. one question: tiap hari yang motoin sapa ya? si Arf?? ato lu pake kamera + kaki, terus automatic gitu? hihii...

  2. kl weekend and lagi pas ketemu arip ya si arip..kl engga, colleague gw yg biasa lunch todong potoin gw..hihihihi..

  3. whua whuaa.....sepatu dikau kok lucu2 yaaa??? ahahahahha... sayangnya gue ga cocok pake sepatu model teplek gtu El...soale jadi keliatan bantet gtuuu...(udah kayak roti aje ye??)


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