March 04, 2009

Edison chen is back!

Yay!! he's back..

yes, why not? i dun think it's fair for him to fully retired at his age and waste his handsome face..hihihi..

anyway, it's only a sex scandal with photo..^_^

And this is really asian things to bring it up and make it big, if there's sumting related with sex..-_-'

It just few sexy and foreplay picture, everybody did that..and what piss me off the most is, Cecilia cheung said " he didn't apologize personally to me (us-or wutever!) " argghh..please lady, in the first place..u urself are married, u agree to documented those pictures, u even dressed up as police lady..dun tell me it's a candid shot! blah..

Anyway, he speaks a very good english! awwhh..

and about wut he said when the scandal happened

" i will retire and focusing in charity.."

everybody know it's only a PR way to cover the threat, so i welcome him back..


i'm happy.

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