March 27, 2009

bad habit!

Yeah i know..nothing to brag about "bad habit"!

I just feel like sharing a little nasty side of me, that's all..

and Arf said i even pick my nose during sometime when we travel in group, we sleep together with others in one room and he always sleep besides me, and he noticed about this habit!


* as a prove, he took this picture candid-ly*

Ok laarr..i admit! it is my habit!



  1. Huahahaha, lucu banget sih pake diadmit segala. Hahahahaha. Feel free to link my blog to yours. I will do likewise. :)

  2. huahahhahahahhahahahha

    gak cm lo doang

    semua org SUKA NGUPIL

    asik kok


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