March 10, 2009

Welcome 2 doors cabinet

I'm no longer having 9 doors cabinet
so i have to squeeze all the outfit into this small cabinet!
It looks really cramp
and how i wish
having walk in wardrobe

Top section: bed sheet, towel, bags

Middle section: Dress, skirt, pants, tops, earings, tissue, mini towel

Lower section: Casual clothes, socks and un iron clothes

and that white Charles and keith bag

Multi purpose box to keep 2-3 pairs of shoes in 1 box

i need this to save my shoe rack space!


1 comment :

  1. Salut dah... Rapi banget. Gue emang bukan tipe orang yang rapi sih. Thanks to my servant dah, si Eny. Hehe... Tanpamu, hidupku pasti lebih berantakan


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