March 02, 2009

10 things people don't know about me

1. I enjoy daydreaming and i like to create story in my mind according to what i feel at that time..^_^

2. I hate my 4th grade Mathematic teacher from my Primary School, her name is Pegmawati from SDK XI, i really hate her up to today..and i wish to meet her and pinch her back like the way she always DID to me the whole year! and i really wish..she's not gonna have a success career as teacher!

3. I hate math, and i found it difficult..maybe b'coz i hate the teacher..

4. I studied hard and got into top 10 student in my class just to show my parent and prove to myself that i'm not stupid..i'm just not into formal schooling thingy.

5. 2 persons in my life, cheated me the most..

1.) My ex taekwondo teacher..
2.) My ex ballet teacher..

6. I always want to be a lawyer

7. I always have the same dream whenever i got fever

8. I moved to Singapore to re-start my life

9. I ever killed my dad's gold fish

10. I hate dark forest


  1. komen saia:

    point 1. saia juga pemimpi, el..

    point 2 and 3. jadi keinget Mr. Hartoyo and Mr. Widi.... hahahahaha.. ga ada mate nya tuh guru...

    point 4. saia setuju, el... make nye kite OSIS bareng! (miss that moment)

    point 5. untuk guru taekwondo... gue ga berani komento deh, krn untuk certain people, dy itu hero, tp buat kite, dia itu carefour (??)

    point 6. *ehem* saya lawyer. nah blog gue tidak mewakili para lawyer di Indo ya, el... (kl mewakili, bs abis gue dibakar)

    point 7. gue pemimpi, tapi selalu lupa akan mimpi gue kl gue bangun tdr, yg ada bayang2 doank (kecuali memimpikan seseorang ya,,,)

    point 8. AKU JUGA MAOOOOOO

    point 9. untungnya bokap gue ga pemelihara ikan, tapi memelihara sepeda & dia lebih mencintai sepeda balap nya dari pada gueeee..... T.T

    point 10. dorest apa ya,el?

  2. damn agree with number 1.... which make u a great story teller.. :P


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