March 30, 2009

Random tot!

Random thought of where and how i am today..

Finally settling down in Singapore, a place where i always want to be 2 years back..with money, and shopping heaven, with convenience MRT and buses, with job and income way bigger than i can ever imagine..but today i realise i gain sumting...i loss sumting...

no more Wenny's car picking me up for teaching Ballet

no more Adin's car for Late nite dinner

no more Ciez phone call in the middle of the nite or just when i needed

no more Candy and cank cracking jokes

no more Bin2 to make me feel beautiful

no more Mum and Dad around bugging me to come back home at 10 pm

no more My stupid cousin calling for facial or massage time!

How i miss my hometown, even flood, fly, and neighbour seems ok to me now..T_T


  1. El,lu dulu balet yahhh??gw dulu jg brenti gt..skrg gw nyesel abis brenti..coba ajah kl gw lanjutin T.T

  2. iyah ngajar balet waktu di indo dulu..i miss those days!

  3. emang itu dukanya kalo ngerantau keluar negeri ya....
    kita juga merasa yang sama... :(


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