March 23, 2009

Bobbi brown workshop

Bobbi Brown Workshop!

Have i told you guys that i am in luv with Bobbi brown?


Just a simple sneak peak of the workshop that i joined yesterday..

It was held in Shaw house

Fee: $150 (fully redeemable as voucher)

and i got

Complimentary spa voucher $180

Welcome gift (blusher)

10 way for a better make up book

numerology review based on ur birthday number

3 hour workshop with make up artist

6 session of each 30 min-45 min in any Bobbi Brown counter

Not bad..Totally worth it!

This is view from My spot that i chose and with my goodie bag..

Bakers Inn complimentary snack!

- starwberry cheesecake in cup
- smoke salmon with olive
- Manggo tart
- Olive pasta
- Some watery spinach or sumting that is look like that..i dunno..


They asked us to remove our make up and apply toner..

i thought it will be "just that"

but they gave us anti aging cream, eye cream, and SPF 15

as a skincare product

then they help us to decide wut color suits our skin tone for foundation and stuff..

I'll go into more details next time..


*the whole things i got and purchase from the voucher*

-member card
-note for face
-numerology review
-color combination gradient chart

*from left to right*

-corrector $41
- complimentary blush
-lip gloss $33
- concealer (with power + puff) $57
- cheeks and lips pot rouge $41

and i tried this smokey eyes on purple..

but i look like racoon instead..

Wut do you think?


  1. aku pengen ikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt..
    akalua da lage bilang2 ya, biar gue ngikut, El...

  2. ike..mari-mari..pokonya kalo ada event apa di SG akan aku kabar2in yah..hihihi..belakangan lg rada sibuk nih, jadinya belon upload-upload lagi..

  3. Seru!!! dan dari cerita loe worth it banget tuh, El!
    Jadi pengen...gue suka tuh Bobbi Brown, gaya make-up nya natural...

  4. @nomad girl: worth it banget...can't wait untuk redeem spa treatment time kl ada workshop lg gw kasih tau..


Wut do you think?


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