February 16, 2009

Vals day update..

Happy Vals day All..i know it's a bit late
but i hope your Vals day
quite good like mine!

Like i told you,

i started my Vals day with a bit of anger..

of course with Arf.

But i tried to get rid of that feeling by talking to him..

that finally sooth my feeling back.



At work, i got this cute EZ link sticker from Kat2

Thanks Kat!


And so.. after working 1/2 day on that V day,

as usual i took bus 25

and i found this




isn't it cute?

sumbody fold heart paper, and b'coz i found it..i assume it's for me!
thanks stranger!

i didn't take it though, i just took a pic of it!
that's enough..


I reached home and i found this on the table!
ok i admit that,
i hate flowers, i keep saying it just a waste of money, i don't like to receive flower!
and I'm sorry
i was wrong!
It's beautiful!
It is really beautiful..and i feel so stupid!

And finally,
My Vals day cooking and dinner

And no picture of me and Arf
how stupid we are?


1 comment :

  1. hahahahhahah......
    tumben Elrica bisa lupa photo =p

    niwey, HAPPY VALENTINE, el


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