February 23, 2009

Sunny Rainy Zoo Sunday

after staying here (SG) for almostt 2 years..i went to Singapore Zoo..
My friend always say that this place is " a must" place to visits
So, we went there yesterday..
and i luv it!

Well, actually nothing special about this ladies room, only it's 1/2 outdoor

and very windy..^_^

Zoo's Ladies room

Ehm.."POP" popcorn..My fault!

I'm so excited about everything


a bit extra gesture when i turned around

and i accidentally hit the popcorn bag (Arf was holding it)

and it flies..lightly before

it reach the ground..


Anyway, Arf took lots of great pics of the animals there

Will show the picture off on the next entry

In the meantime, just take a look of his pro style

then you decide

whether he can go to a "Real" pro or not

Stay tune for the next entry

Hmm..this pic..haiz..

It was raining heavily..


Don't u think it's such aa big turn off?
i'm expecting a bright sunshine showering me to the end of my trip,
not this literally "shower" as using water from above..


And to close our trip, i asked Arf to accompany me visit
"Fish doctor"
Which is actually fish spa

Look @ Arf face, he said " ihh geli..hihihi..geli...hihihi"

But it's really ticklish and addicted in the same time..

we pay $10 for 15 min

Rate: 7/10

Interested to try?

Just go to the nearest Kenko spa and reflexology

*btw, i'm not trying to advertise this place here..so u google it urself*


Done with my Zoo trip..i enjoyed my Sunday evening with Sandra brown novel and a glass of cold cappucinno..

n' close my day with watching "Slumdog Millionaire"



Wut do you think?


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