February 25, 2009


Hmm..i quite like February just becoz my beday is on this month, but after had a conversation with lili, she said " i luv Feb becoz this is the only month where i can get my salary earlier " as my company always pay salary in the last day of the month, i really think that reason make all sense..

So counting down..today is 25 Feb, it's mean..another 3 days..yipee..

and a brand new month coming for me..as a new 25 yrs old girl, single and moderately happy..i have few things to achieve by this year

1. Do more saving this year..start from feb-dec '09
2. Trying hard not to spend too much money on shoes
3. Taking holiday to Port dickson on May, Jakarta on May, and Hongkong on October
4. Go to gym at least 3 times a week
5. Learn how to make salted egg yolk prawn
6. Buy Genee award competition ticket (if available)
7. Go to national museum and Jurong bird park
8. Meet Tzunskie
9. Lose 5 kg
10.Living healthy life

10 things to achieve..hopefully, i can achieve it..

*cross finger*

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  1. satu lage,el...
    february adlah bulan penuh cinta dimana semua umat manusia merayakan valentine... oh oh oh


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