February 11, 2009

my eye make up

Hmm..this entry is to answer few question from Matek and Nilam..

Of how i use my eyeliner..

Pencil first for this entry :

This is all you need to create a warm eye.

i used:

eyebrow pencil (viva)Rp 15,000 around S$2

eyebrow powder and brush (daiso) S$2

eyeliner (Dior-noir) S$36

eyeliner (silky girl-olive green) $9

Mascara (L'oreal-black) $16 at DFS

next step..after using all the basic things like concealer (which i don't have) and powder..u take the black eyeliner to frame your eyes..from inside to outer side of your eyes..
just frame it as you like it to be..

FYI, i might using a different technique from experts did..but it works for me!

i like to create almond shape to frame my eyes..so i pulled the line and keep it thick in the end of my eyes

You see the different?

Keep applying the same to the other eyes and blend and blend it even more

tadah! for both eyes..

and if you guys notice..i darken my face complexion..
just to avoid a pale looking face..
i use Bobbi brown blush coral to make it shine and 1 shade darker.

and read this!


  1. whether or not using a mascara, etc, u are beautiful, el...
    Arif is so lucky to have u

  2. Thanks ike..and i'm happy to get compliment from sum1 who are beautiful inside out like u.


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