February 16, 2009

Mask 101


i started to use this masking thingy when i found out that actually my skin is getting dry after almost 24 hours spending in AC room..


of course i feel like moisturize my skin, so i randomly chose this

SHIZUKU brand, and it turned out FABULOUSLY great!

So here my step by step putting Mask on ur face!

1. ALWAYS..i said ALWAYS clean your make up, no matter how lazy you are

2. Clean your face

my choice: Kanebo clay (RP xxx.000- i can't remember) wash
and Neutrogena scrub (S$ 13.90-NTUC)

3. Choose your own mask, i love things that moisturize your skin

and you can pick this one for cheap and great result.

review: after putting this mask over night..u'll find a baby moist and texture on your face!

I know..i can't believe it either!

well..of course,different people has different choice and skin type..

So, choose smartly!

4. Putting your mask gently on your clean face

and keep adjusting until it cover all your face!

keep it up to 15 min and massage gently in circular motion!

* extra*

usually there's a lot of liquid inside the plastic of the mask..dun waste it, apply on your other body part like neck and body..xixixi..

Happy masking!


  1. El, masker ini beneran bagus ya?? dari dulu sering liat di supermarket tapi ragu2 tiap kali mau beli...
    Ntar kalo liat lagi gue mau beli aaaahhh....hehehehee..

    Thanks buat rekomendasinya El!

  2. el, haha.. ngapain lo??? kekekeke


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