February 02, 2009

my indo-CNY trip

Update for my Chinese new year trip back in Jakarta

This trip really make me realize that i miss


it's not entirely smooth though,

mum and dad sometimes fight

aunties keep giving opinion without permission

cousin keep *literally* kicking ur butt when u pass by

grandpa and grandma growing old

but after all..

those things makes it become Family right?

and i really cherished my every moment with them!

here are some pics:

With my mum and dad
despite a lot of weaknesses they have..
they surely have main Strengths in my eyes,
being my parents..bringing me up..scolding me..loving me unconditionally..and
accept me for the way i am..

With Ama and Akong

and of course angpau and food

plus extra shopping money from the unexpected amount of this year angpau

i even pay for my driving license fee from my ang pau

*more about this later*

all food above made by auntie merry, she's a good cook!

and pic below here..

my favorite auntie..and everybody thinks i look like her? maybe becoz i look more to my father
side than my mum and..she's my dad's big sister..so genetically..

i look like her

and originally born from this lady called mum.

and every time we walk together, i mean mum, auntie and me..none of them asked my mum

about me being her dotty..

it ALWAYS my auntie who got the question.

And another high lite of this trip was meeting ike @ Sizzler TA

Picture taken by us and the way i edited this pic layout was inspired by Ike's pic in her Handphone..

and i realize..time flies and some true old friend are still in our heart.

to be continue...

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  1. el, daku masih merindukan dirimu dan segala kegilaan kita yang menghebohkan Sizler!!
    cepat lah kau kembali lageeeee.....
    niwey, thank you ya photonya lo buat B & W, secara gue jenong bangets di sono. kekekekekekeke =p


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