February 08, 2009

moving day..+ irritating girl

It's Sunday..and i have packed 80% of my stuff..and today i will swift it to my new place. Hopefully everything will be great in the new place.

just want to record my bad mood this morning, i dunno it is me who being sensitive due to PMS thingy or this lady is naturally irritating..

i received one email yesterday about prayer meeting in my church, and it was on Saturday 2pm (yesterday) and i didn't open my email until yesterday night, practically i missed the prayer things..so being responsible, i wrote to all the email contacts that i didn't check email and didn't know that there was a meeting..plus i mentioned I'll be working 1/2 day every Saturday.

But this morning i received one email from this girl..(which i don't remember the face or wut so ever about her) writing to all contact as well saying that she dunno wut to do about the attendance that she forgot to signed. IN THE SAME FREAKING EXACT PHRASE LIKE MINE! irritating.


I mean she can just write her problem in her own language, please do not plagiarize my way of writing..as if she want to emphasize my reason is just an excuse!! idiot!

anyway, i wanna continue my sunday chatting with matek.

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