February 03, 2009

random pic from Indo trip

random-random pics..

I feel so blessed for having friends and family

for having job and saving

for having skill and talent

for having fun and fantasy


for being alive and have a chance to live my life!

This blurry pic was taken at the ladies room, glasshouse.
I met BJ (her nickname) around 4-5 years back during our trip to Bandung, another friend of ours introduce us and turns out well..we share, we laugh, we cry and hunting together..not animal for sure..u know wut i mean..
and it's been a pleasure to finally meeting her after a year.

My only girl cousin..
it's been a while we never really hang out due to my moving to Sg,
and i kinda miss that actually.

BJ, arief, me and Aldwin..another group of my old friend

been knowing arief and aldwin since 1996.

so, it's been pretty much coming to 13 years

and still going..

arief turns to be my Bf

and Adin stays as My BEST buddies!

i really miss our time talking over the phone and i burped on him

or eating cheap food besides the streets.

old days..
Susho groove
taman anggrek

And me

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